Battlefield 3: "Less OP Combos, More Interesting Choices is the Goal" Says Dev

Rebalancing foregrip, heavy barrel, silencer, and flash suppressor, and other weapon tweaks coming soon.

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Mister_V2493d ago

Now, I wonder if they'll nerf the FAMAS or just try really hard to nerf the combination of a forgrip and suppressor on any weapon.

Grimhammer002493d ago

I'd just like them to make it fun.
I was fooled at first....gunplay, vehicles,!

But then the crap came to the service. After 3 weeks I started noticing the aweful clipping of prone enemies with their feet sticking through walls...knifing a fools boot was funny....not fun.

Or, shooting my mp7 point blank at a guy who turns and usas12 me. That's gun balance? How about dudes with health+ bonus on.....but no matchmaking to limit high level douches from ones room means my early lvl guy gets raped by these guys. How about. That single plyr mess...forget the obvious issues. The white screen glitches are bad enough!

Oh I can go on...I tried to c4 that radio
Only the pc allows that to be destroyed....but DICE/EA have no qualms using that pc footage in ads for ps3/360!

I leave you with this brilliant realism....toss c4 on a tank. Get killed before detonating. Respawn and click the clacker. Lol boom! Retarded!

Grimhammer002493d ago

Exactly how does one disagree with facts? I'm not making shiz up! I'm not trying to say anything other than my experience. PC bf3 is likely much better. But...I play games on my ps3.

As for DICE....just make mirrors edge 2 already.

theflyindutchman2493d ago

thats a good one, he usas12 me!
lol but ur right.
btw isn't the usas12 very over powered?
its like a sniper shotgun.

scrambles2493d ago

The C4 staying after death is a glitch, the tower only falls at 20 tickets left on conquest on all versions now, mp7 is getting a major damage boost from 11 to 20 per bullet. People going through walls is unfixable but then again if it really is such a huge problem i guess stop backing up so far. Also the usas isnt getting the accuracy boost that all the other shotguns are getting shortly so there will be less reason to use it.

SJPFTW2493d ago

the tower cannot be destroyed manually on all platforms. its destruction is scripted when one team reached like 10 tickets or w/e

C4 detonation after death is a glitch and already said its being fixed

Frag rounds getting huge nerf.

and there is matchmaking. its skill level decides what team your put it but of course the system wont split up friends or squads like everyother fps there is

if you cant kill someone from behind at point black that just means you suck. like seriously learn how to aim

and lastly DICE never advertised PC footage as XBOX/PS3 footage in commercials. PC always been lead platform of course they will advertise the best version of the game, obviously if you thought console graphics will be remotely close to PC you are simply retarded and diluting yourself

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Action GO FIGURE2493d ago

Remove Conquest Assault please...

scrambles2493d ago

if they gave more tickets to the attackser then itd b fine but as of now theyre almost at the same level as soon as the round begins. You gotta learn how to play it to enjoy it

Spitfire_Riggz2493d ago

They should make it even easier than removing it altogether and just give us a choice

BraveToaster2493d ago

They really need to work on the suppressor. It shouldn't make guns silent like it does.