Get back to the Battlefield

Battlefield fans wanting to know what the DLC plans for the game are need wait no longer.

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megacowdung2491d ago

Green flying hippopotamus.

morganfell2491d ago

My question mark at the end of the word dinosaurs likely exists for a different reason. No doubt like several others, I have the Limited Edition so I received the new maps for free.

However, that does not eliminate a glaring issue.

It is bad enough that a game built upon its multiplayer is still rife with major issues, but it is even worse that Dice and EA are asking gamers to purchase more material when the developers cannot rectify the major problems with the portion of the game which players have already purchased. The VOIP issue is wholly unforgivable, particularly in light of the supposed beta.

I like BF3 a lot and game it regularly on two platforms but the fact such problems existed at launch and in fact are still around reeks of greed.

RumbleFish2490d ago

You are right. I have bought this game for PC and for PS3. I would play it on PS3 since I have friends there who don't own gaming PCs, but I can't play it on PS3 because the chat doesn't work.
A tactical shooter, a squad based shooter without chat is not worth playing.
BTW: I can't believe you get disagrees for your comment.

marcindpol2491d ago

its only about Back to Karkand

Euthanasia782491d ago

How can I go back to Battlefield if I never left?

Play2Win2490d ago

that's what I thought. Best PC Game I've played in a long time.

KwietStorm2490d ago

..fission mailed....time paradox..abort

Cosmit2491d ago

I haven't logged into battlefield for a good two weeks. I'm waiting for the input lag and VoIP to be fixed in the ps3. Have a feeling I still need to wait a good month or so.... :/.

spektical2491d ago

im more concerned with audio dropping.

fooxy2491d ago

Audio drops will be solved in February

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