Underdogs Of 2011: Top Ten Games You Didn't Buy rounds up ten of this year's most underrated and undersold games - some of which you probably forgot even existed!

Dealspwn writes: "2011 has brought us some massive games and shattered sales records with merry abandon, but the fact is that a huge number of deserving titles managed to slip under our gaming radar into pitiful ignominy. So, in the true spirit of Christmas, it's time that we championed the underdogs: the games you probably didn't buy - or even notice - throughout the last twelve months."

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NukaCola2543d ago

Good list. I personally thought Dead Space 2 got the shaft this year. It has probably one of the best campaigns I have ever played. It's this year's Castlevania. Deserved more recognition. The Mulitplayer Modes were trash though. Hated the beta and the real deal....Still SP is worth the price and it's a 10/10 title.