Our Top 25 Games of 2011 ( "Last year, our countdown of the best games of 2010 was originally supposed to be a mere top ten list, until we tallied up all of the year’s superlative software and arrived at a figure that was far closer to 30 than just 10. And exactly the same thing has happened this year, with well over thirty games being more than worthy of a slot in our top ten...."

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blaaah2495d ago

Arkham City at #1? I disagree.

ATi_Elite2494d ago

They put all 25 games and a brief description of each game on one page!

Thank You!!

that dam German Website along with Gamingbolt need to learn a thing or two from ZavviBlog about page management!!!

DigitalRaptor2494d ago

Homefront is there but no Resistance 3 or Killzone 3?

Good list otherwise.