Joe Danger Special Edition: Critical Gamer review

Critical Gamer writes: The modern gamer’s Pavlovian response to bright colours and relentless smiles is a sneer and a derogatory comment. Should such a young whipper-snapper pluck up the courage to give this game a go, however – which they really, really should – within five minutes they’ll be wearing a grin goofier than that of Joe himself.

As has been declared before, Critical Gamer’s official genre for Joe Danger games is ‘raplunter’ (racer/platformer/stunter). Though Joe is a stuntman, he acts more like the illegitimate offspring of Mario and Sonic. The racing element is clear; he’s on a motorbike after all, and a handful of levels feature other racers who must be beaten to the finish line. Many of the levels without opponents have optional time limits to beat. What will likely surprise those unfamiliar with this game is that it’s much closer to a traditional side-scrolling platformer than it is to a side-scrolling racer.

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