The 10 Hardest Trophies of 2011

The 'what were they thinking?' list of PlayStation challenges this year. If you have *any* of these then consider yourself a man my son.

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bobrea2493d ago

Reaching level 50 in skyrim isn't that hard. Just time consuming. I'm level 47 with about 80 hours of gameplay

spacedelete2493d ago

to be honest even getting to level 50 is an achievement in itself as the PS3 version is basically broken. Anyone who has a platinum trophy definitely isn't easy because of game breaking bugs and glitches.

Silly gameAr2493d ago

A couple of my friends have a plat for Skyrim. They didn't seem to have those game breaking problems that people bring up, though they did encounter the lag.

On another note, just got Skyrim on the 360. Going to see what all of the hype's about. If it's not as boring as Oblivion, that's already a win in my book.

helghast1022493d ago

Knights Honour wasn't hard at all, especially compared to the Demon's Souls version of it.
NG+ isn't really a problem

Prayer of a Maiden took me longer to get.

venomcarnage892493d ago

Knights honor wasn't too bad, got the Dark Souls Platinum already.

StrongMan2493d ago

The Portal 2 trophy wasn't hard at all. I got that platinum pretty easily.

Acquiescence2493d ago

Portal 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Shadow Of The Colossus HD

All platinumed. In my personal opinion, I've remove the Batman one (which wasn't so tough) and replace it with El Shaddai's 'Conqueror' trophy, which is honestly the most difficult trophy I've ever obtained. You have to get the highest on all levels on Hard mode or higher. Which means you can't die once, from combat or falling during platforming levels, you have to make sure you steal every single weapon, collect every single collectable, string as many combos together as possible and do it all as quickly as you can. It was brutal.

Good call on the SoTC mention. That was a miserable trophy list overall. Not just the Hard Time Attack Mode, but getting all the lizards/forbidden fruit and having to complete the game about 5 times to max out your stamina bar.