Armored Core V New Screenshots

Check out the new screenshots of Armored Core V now!

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Xof2543d ago


The people that gave us Dark Souls. And ACE:R.

Will AC5 suck? Will it be great? Will Gundam UC be great? will it suck?

With FROM, it's like flipping a goddamned coin.

LettingGo2543d ago

Agreed. Seriously. They're the Roland Emmerich of the gaming world.

Will we get another Independence Day or another 2012?!?

one2thr2543d ago

Here's to hoping the game is as good as its theatrical trailer..... Or at least, as interesting as its theatrical trailer

Kyosuke_Sanada2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I already have troops waiting for this game to release and I am proud to say I've been with these guys from the first installment on PS One. Just continue to create a quality game and support unlockables that we don't have to pay for. However I would love to see characters that were actually "human" for once instead of silhouettes....