Why a 1995 PlayStation Game Still Looks Like It Came From The Future

Kotaku: You know why the PlayStation took off in the mid-90s? Because it was cool. And nothing on the PlayStation was cooler than WipeOut.

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mayberry2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Not only were the graphics and artistically done text and pitures in this game ahead of its time, but the music was too! First mass produced game with actual tracks from very good music artists! At the time this was realeased most people thought of home based games were very muched geared toward the younger crowd, I.e. Mario etc.. Sony saw the gamers were aging and would appreciate more mature games. I for one, jumped right aboard with sonys more mature take on gaming! PS1/2/3. Its common knowlege the ps3 is geared from the start for a more mature gamer, starting with the launch ps3's price,(still rockin my launch 60G!). Paid the $600+ launch price and have enjoied it immensely! Btw I'm 45, started in 77' with the "magnavox oddysey"! ...good times! Love my 360 too, but its obviously geared to a younger gaming crowd. Nothing wrong with that btw.
Props to "kotaku" for 1. Posting positive Sony news.
2. Acknowledging a great classic.

LettingGo2494d ago

45 and on N4G? What a trooper. :)

damnyouretall2494d ago

32 and love the hell out of games and always have. ill be an old man with a xbox plugged directly into my skull 20-30 years from now

deadpoole2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Im 38 ... :D ... but been gamin bit less as of lately ... maybe age is havin an impact...not sure.

My fav game of all time SoulReaver and NFS3

pc_masterrace2494d ago

77'...a true core gamer right here. respect to you sir! :)

NukaCola2494d ago

I still to this day think that Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus are the best looking games I have ever played. The environments, gameplay and story just never gets old for me. One of the few games that age's better after all these years than many titles do after a few months. Just my thoughts.

Also, I would love to see N2O: Nitrous Oxide redone in HD. I love the Tempest-like gameplay with the crazy ships, colors, bugs and the wickedly awesome Crystal Method tunes.

Hardbladestone2494d ago


delicia2494d ago

Wow, I also played N20: Nitrous Oxide on PS1. Loved that game and Assault as well. If only I wasn't so young and a complete noob back then :/

banner2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I agree I loved those 2 games medievil has a spot in one of the greatest games too.

n4f2494d ago

its a veteran he better have your 44 not many people fought fanboy war and survive. some came back with physically wound other are scars emotionally.

cyguration2494d ago

He speaks truth, Marquis.

You my friend are the kind of fanboy that will come back maimed for life....and what is it that you will lose? Probably your soul...

That is all.

Marquis_de_Sade2494d ago

I don't care, he just sounds ridiculously lame.

morkendo2494d ago

im 53 wish some of old school ps1/ps2 games would hit ps3 not on PSN but as physical disc. .... mature games is cool as well. i'd rather have back in the day games.

dericb112494d ago

How many could they fit on a Blu-Ray? Would be 25 at minimum.

GraveLord2494d ago

Wish Americans could see how amazing the PS3 is.
You want Call of Duty? PS3 has it.
You want Mass Effect? PS3 has it.
You want Grand Theft Auto? PS3 has it.
You want amazing exclusives you won't find anywhere else? PS3 has it.

NukaCola2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I am American and I have gamed on Sony systems since the PS3 back in 1996. I got an original Xbox for Oddworld and loved all the games on it from Halo to KOTOR. And I own a 360 now, but I don't understand why America is so addicted to Xbox this generation. 360 is a good console, but they do not do what Sony is doing, and all the innovation and all the technology that is Sony seems to be unimportant. I think it's mostly marketing. American or not, if you call yourself a gamer, you should own a PS3 by now. 90% of the exclusive between Xbox and PS3 favor to Sony. I hope the PS Vita can gateway Americans back onto Sony's side a bit. Sony deserves more than how the States treat them. Sony is the top dog in every country but US and UK. I also think its COD and Kinect. They own America even more than the console itself does.

ilovemyps32494d ago

there are people like that..
just look at french: if you watch a french movie, if there is someone driving a car, the car is always a citroen/peugeot/renault. never you will see a bmw or opel or skoda or other. always french cars, even if those cars are awful and shitty.
but it's a way to say " don't buy things from other countries,they're not good. just buy national products, they are the best"

if people in usa stopped buying x360's after their 3rd rrod, and RECOGNIZE ps3 is a great system, with great exclusive games, there would be more 10-15 millions ps3 happy users there. what do you get, beeing patriot, and saying "i won't buy a ps3, i will only buy xbox360, 4, 5, maybe 6, as they keep dying, because it's made in usa, i will only be able to play forza gears halo cod during 6-7 years, but a ps3,NEVER". what do you get ?
you lose hundreads and hundreads of hours playing excellent games like god of war, infamous, uncharted, little big planet, and the list goes on and on...
smart, aren't they ?
people will click on disagree 50 times, but you know this is the truth.

Big_Dom2494d ago

All of the above:

It's got absolutely fuck all to do with the fact that the 360 is almost twice as cheap and has a more dedicated online service. No. Absolutely not. It's patriotism. Has to be.

Oner2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It's not's stupidity. I'm American and the majority of my friends & family buy/game on PS3's. Why? They are educated and respect the money they work hard for. Most people I know that ONLY (<--KEY WORD) game on a 360 are young, immature & ignorant.

cyguration2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

yes but what about Forza 4?

I'm sorry, I'll get 100 disagrees for saying this but LOVE the livery and car customization features. I tuned my R-34 Skyline to smoke the competition off the starting line, (0-70 in less than 3 seconds, but the top-end speed was a little low).

The Skyline had a custom black, blue and white scheme and looked as sexy as it did fast and furious. If I only had a PS3 I wouldn't be able to recreate that car on GT5 because of the lack of livery and visual custom car mods.

While the PS3 has great games, no doubt, there are some things that are only available on the 360. If there was a decent 360 emulator then I would probably just buy 360 games and play them on PC.

SSultan2494d ago

Almost everything except for a couple things on each console is LACKLUSTER. The reason why I originally had a PS3 was cause of people like you. "OHHH MY GOD EXCLUSIVES!!!" LACKLUSTER.

Oner2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

@ cyguration ~ Sorry but I have to disagree. There is nothing that is in Forza that tops what I am able to do in GT. Any number of my R32's through R34's (and GTR's) have both, first and foremost performance, with style secondary...but that is not to say styling is not important.

The difference with me is I don't need (nor want) a "Fast and Furious" style. "My" style is more understated, mellow & clean ~ which is it's own "style" that is more timeless IMHO. It's all about preference though, and I say all the each his own.

Anyway here is my example of what I mean ~

It's my own personal "go to/daily driver" vehicle in my garage in GT5. It's tuned to my likes/performance with a touch of style that I like/want/feel is needed to achieve what I am going for.

It has the looks that I like. But more importantly, the feel that is realistic and actually required for my standards. Physics over Graphics I say ~ any day of the week. But with GT I get both, just not the Fast & Furious type which is really not needed.

rexbolt2494d ago

those games u name i dont like them hahaha

Ryudo2494d ago

Man users on this site are so far up Sony's ass it makes me wont to hurl....

2493d ago
moparful992493d ago

America is the land of networking.. If not for the fact that someone could throw a rock in any direction and hit someone with a 360 then it wouldnt be as popular.. Microsoft won the media battle and its the only thing keeping them relevant.. I know that 360 owners would say that live is just that good but honestly if everyone was on the ps3 then thats exactly where they'd be. All of that fluff that live has is just bullet points for PR goons to boast about.. When it comes down to it you will game where your friends are, heck I've been tempted to pay for live because of my 15 or so close friends 12 play on xbox.. But the ps3 is a solid system with my favorite games so thats where I play...

Oner2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

STFU DK286K...REALLY. You don't what the F#@! you are talking about ~

My Old Apartment with just SOME of my consoles (what do you see?)

My 360 with it's 3rd RROD

My 360 at my new Condo with it's 6th RROD

I have a perfectly rational gripe with MS pertaining to the BS I had to deal with my 360. Not from people, not from friends, not from posts that I have read online...MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

So again I say STFU as you don't $#@! about $#@!.

2493d ago
Oner2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Not at all. I made an observation about my experience in the matter about the 360's sales in the US. Someone guessed it was patriotism when it certainly is not. I attempted to add to the conversation, while YOU attempted to take it to a personal level of disrespect directed at me.

But that is just like you. The writings are there in black and white for anyone who wants to confirm it for themselves (either right here or via your past comments) to see for themselves what YOU are about.

I find it quite odd (but mainly sad) that your additional replies when you are proven wrong never actually admit your original defective point. Basically - you aren't mature enough to say "oops I'm sorry, I was proven wrong. My Bad" but more on the order of continuing personal insults (of which is not on topic) and just digging yourself into a deeper hole in some weak attempt to make yourself "seem" right...which just goes to support even more what I have noticed about you.

I could go on but I'll just end it on this ~ you are actually trying to make a point specifically based on COD?

Wow...I guess what you believe about PS3 users being smarter (when I never actually specifically said that, though I guess that is all you can grasp from it) has some validity within it by your post alone. Well I'll just say Thanx for helping me prove my point (or the one that you believe that is)!

lol...COD!?!? LMFAO!!!

2492d ago
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bambam19012494d ago

I just had to sign and comment. I'm a 35 year old gamer who got his start at the age of five on the Oddysey 2, became a serious gamer during the NES & SNES years, and then graduated to Playstation in 1995. So many good memories. My launch 60 GB PS3 finally bit the dust a few weeks ago, but his slimmer brother lives on to satisfy my gaming needs. Cheers to another lifelong gamer.

moparful992493d ago

27 years old here.. First started on the nes, fell in love with the super nintendo, moved onto the 64 and ps1, achieved hardcore status with the ps2, and a proud launch model 60 gig ps3 and 160g slim ps3 owner... I will be a gamer until the day I die..

SilverSlug2494d ago

Sorry, but I disagree. SEGA had arcade games that looked better 2-3 years before 1995.

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pc_masterrace2494d ago

man do I remember all the hours I spent playing this game back in the day...good times.

wicko2493d ago

I played it again not too long ago - I remember struggling to beat the last track and I finally placed first on it. Only took me 16 years :p

Sugreev20012494d ago

Wipeout still looks amazing on my 46" LED.It's the game that introduced me to house music too.Good times.

SSultan2494d ago

Are you one of those guys that gets mad when you hear house music on the radio? (Serious Question)

wicko2493d ago

Cold Storage is awesome, pretty sure you can get all the tracks for free as well.

TheLegendsKiller2494d ago

back when originalty was the name of the game...i dont think they try as hard as they were anymore.......BTW SkullMonkeys WAS AWESOME why its not on the PSN store yet is beyond me.