The COD Killer is Here? | Respawn Entertainment Ready with its FPS

COD Killer – A term we’ve been hearing about for more than two years now. That too ,by the same company Electronic Arts(EA). Lets rewind a bit,shall we?Back in 2010,after the release of Battlefield : Bad Company 2 when EA announced the reboot of the hugely successful franchise(Back in the days,Its COD now) Medal of Honor they said that they’re gonna take the throne from Activision. Well,that didn’t work out the way EA thought it would

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MK24ever2544d ago

This story title sure remembered me of HipHopGamer, what happened to that guy? Got banned?

Ezio20482544d ago

N4G has removed it from being published, i guess.

fei-hung2544d ago

I think his site got banned from n4g for some reason or the other.

In recent news, it happens HHG has made a decent hiphop track which will be part of the Twisted Metal soundtrack.

Agree though, this headline is very much HHG styled. However, they may have a good point. If anyone can take out COD, it would be the very people who invented COD.

On a side note, a lot of kids around where I live are starting to look for alternatives to COD (I work with young people at a school and youth centre). 2 years ago, all these kids ever spoke of daily was COD.

Emilio_Estevez2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

HHG was banned due to causing too much of a ruckus with every article. That's what a mod said. I thought it was funny.

lilsamurai2544d ago

I definitely think that EA is going to come up with a bigger hit than COD with the help of Respawn Entertainment.They're the guys who made COD what it is today.

TopDudeMan2544d ago

I would so love for respawn to be the ones to kill it, if anyone does. It'd be poetic justice.

Getowned2544d ago

"I brought you into this world and I can take you out out."

Your right,it should be Respawn...or Bungie,but if bugnie wins it's still a win for acti yet still a loss for cod,kind of win lose/win win.

Hmm no idea what Respawn is coming up with but it's gonna be good.

blackout2544d ago

And while all this is happening Bungie is work on beat of a game, sooooo we will SEE.

blackout2544d ago

And while all this is happening Bungie is working on a beast of a game for the evil empire, sooooo we will SEE.

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