FIFA 12 Vita 'the most controllable FIFA ever'

FIFA 12 is particularly interesting in Vita because it looks the full console experience hooked with all manner of added touch-screen trickery.

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Dante1122588d ago

Sweet! I can't wait till the Vita releases in the US.

S_C2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Cant wait for this to come out in the UK along with uncharted and maybe motostorm RC (Need to see more about the game). I hope that in the next fifa game for ps vita they add ultimate team, that will be amazing.

smashcrashbash2588d ago

This will definitely be the killer app for EU.

jujubee882588d ago

I can not wait to pick it up the same day that it will launch with the PS Vita!

It is difficult to comprehend such a juicy, meaty game is right there when the device launches.

PSPEE2588d ago

They just reskined the psp version, and added a number next to it.

Double standards EA - it's apart of our game plan (slogan).

MasterCornholio2588d ago

That's the way it's going to be with multiplatform games. Just like with the PS3 and the 360 when compared to the Wii. The Vita will always have the superior version of multiplats because it's tech is much better than the 3DS.


yabhero2587d ago

actually i think that devs can make plats closer on vita and 3ds. the dont have to make spearate versions like on wii and ps3. they just have to strip a vita version a put it on 3ds. the gpa is not a big as the wii to ps3

LettingGo2587d ago

You are severely overestimating the 3DS.

Baka-akaB2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Go back to ssf4 3ds and tell me it's that close to the 360/ps3 version then . At best it's close to the iphone versions .

What we've seen so far of tekken 3ds only seems a bit better than the psp version . So no the gap is actually as big .

You can probably yeah strip a vita version of a multiplatform game for 3ds , but it still seems like a big downgrade , mostly tempered by the 3d effect .

yabhero2587d ago

actaully the 3ds version is pretty good... the graphics are better than the psp and the controls are too... it would ve have been incredible if it had online... that part was disrepectful

crinale2588d ago

This quality is now possible at a HANDHELD device ... wow

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