Sony to publish English Malicious

Gematsu: "As promised, Alvion is bringing its PlayStation 3 boss battle action game Malicious to English audiences, and if recent game ratings in Australia and Korea are anything to go by, Sony is publishing."

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sinncross2495d ago

Thats great.

Anyone play Malicious? Does it play as well as it seems to? I wonder if Sony will consider acquiring Alvion, or least getting them to work on some of their IP`s, like Genji.

Stunt2495d ago

Haven't played it, but I've heard amazing things. Here's a gameplay video:

Waffle2494d ago

It's ok. Seems to play like a hack & slash with a boss battle thrown in at the same time. You only have about 3 continues in the whole game so if you use them up then they're gone until you start a new game. I managed to get through the whole game without using a continue (which gives you a trophy) but you're better off saving them for the final boss.

You can also choose which boss/stage you want to go to and every stage starts off pretty easy at first and then gets harder (depends on the order you pick the stages as some fights become more aggressive if you pick them later on). When you beat the stage/boss you get equipment from them to help with other fights.

Also, if you use up all of your continues then you have to start the boss fight over from the beginning. Continues are used to revive you and get you back in the fight. The final boss kind of seems like the type you would see in a Sonic Adventure game (not saying the boss is exactly like one from the game).

The story is pretty much an afterthought in this game though and isn't really a big focus. You could easily import it and have no problems understanding it (especially with fan translations that are out now).

zerocrossing2495d ago

Great news! Definitely gonna get this.

Lord_Sloth2495d ago

Oh hell yes! I want this game so much! We really don't see enough Japanese style action titles.

zerocrossing2495d ago

So true! Sadly too many Japanese devs opt for westernising their games, only to lose the unique (sometimes crazy) style and feel I enjoy about them...

Lord_Sloth2495d ago

Indeed. Prime example right now is Capcom.

SweatyFlorida2495d ago

Wow never heard of the game until now but it looks friggin amazing! The art style is a welcomed one ^-^

Is it just a simple mini boss fighting game? Like with no story or anything like that? And if anybody knows the price range to expect it to be going for once it hits the U.S?

Vino2495d ago

the music for this game reminds me of vagrant story.

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