The First Things I Did with My PlayStation Vita

Kotaku - The PlayStation Vita won't officially be out in the United States until mid-February, but I got one today.

It's from Sony. It's not a Japanese unit. I guess it's an American one? They say it's not necessarily final. They haven't set it up to connect online, for example. Its services are not up and running. Well, sure, it's December, and I've got this thing in our New York office. I can't have it all.

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DarkBlood2493d ago

what about losing its virginity when you insert and eject its first game card repeatedly :P can we do that?

Cosmit2493d ago

Why not? Have you seen it! :P

RandomDude6552493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Oh it's Kotaku....they probably google searched for more "breaking news" as the first thing they did.