Vita Download Sales Up, Despite Japan’s Past Aversion; This is Good

Heath Hindman comments on the news that Vita's downloadable game sales are exceeding expectations, saying: "The challenge for Sony is that Japan is notoriously unresponsive to digital media. I’ve lived in Japan for a bit over four years now, and rarely do I hear of anyone downloading a game or even playing something online. I couldn’t even find anyone who was aware of the PSN downtime back in the spring. Yeah."

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doctorstrange2518d ago

I hope the network is successful in JP, would love to see some more crazy Japanese indie games.

knifefight2518d ago

Very good news. I'd ideally like to see a good balance between the physical media and downloadable stuff come to exist.

A lot of DLC is treated more like expansion packs in Japan, with a disc actually being sent to retail stores and sold there instead of from the online store. It's interesting seeing like "Wow is that a new box art for Disgaea 4? Oh wait, no, it's a DLC pack."

Do you guys get that in NA and EU too?

ftwrthtx2518d ago

I don't think I've ever seen any DLC available by itself on a disc at a brick and mortar store here in the states.

blumatt2518d ago

The closest thing to DLC on disc would be The Lost and Damned and Gay Tony DLC for GTA 4.

I can't wait for the Vita to come State side. It's gonna be pandemonium at Gamestop come February. haha

PSPEE2518d ago

wtf is going on, here?

"Now" we're including DD sales, all of a sudden?

Microsoft fans - I'm sorry with all the bullplop you gotta put up with. Apparently, double standards is what N4G is all about.

doctorstrange2518d ago

This has nothing to do with MS, nothing to do with console wars.

This is about how the Vita is helping push digital downloads in a country that has historically not been a big fan.

PSPEE2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

There's just too much hypocritical propaganda going on, at N4G.


I'm not a drone, so I'm actually not the one being, "owned" :)

blackburn102518d ago

Good God just stop trolling already. You are off topic, trolling and being immature. Just shut up already. If you don't like what we are saying just stay off VITA articles. You are getting annoying.

BuffMordecai2517d ago

Go back to playing your exclusives...oh wait.

Knushwood Butt2518d ago

People in Japan play online all the time. No idea what this author is on about.