Super Street Fighter IV Launches on OnLive with Free Demo & Chance to Win Prizes

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition has been one of the most awaited games on the OnLive service. Today, the game is releasing on the service with a free demo and a chance to win some really great prizes.

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Baka-akaB2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Can't say i'm looking forward to it (nor anything onlive truth be told), but something like that had to happens .

It will be the first proper onlive test for truly lag dependant games

adorie2588d ago

OnLive is reaaaly trying to capture some marketshare. I'll give them credit. I thought they'd vanish in an instant, but here they are still.

Diver2588d ago

i disagreed with you cause i dont like personal computers. i am just using the logic you used in another thread to show you how it doesnt make any sense but hey, you came up with it.

adorie2588d ago

you lack reading comprehension, that's the only point you've made to me, today. buy "hey, you came up with it"

Diver2588d ago

just remember that you disagreed with another poster cause they said they have 3 att accounts and you said the reason you disagreed was cause you dont like att. ring a bell? now thats lack of reading comprehension. its so bad you dont remember what you wrote. maybe it should include lack of writing comprehension.

adorie2584d ago

again. you lack reading comprehension. you're one of those children who follow users to other articles to make a deflated, irrelevant point. Grats.

I explained exactly why I disagreed with Morganfell. if it's too much for you to handle, then perhaps you are his other account, or you have some problem with me posting my opinion on a forum that caters to... guess what? OPINIONS.