PSA: More Free Dark Souls Dynamic Themes On Japanese PSN!

More free Dark Souls dynamic theme have been added to PSN.

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TheColbertinator2589d ago

I will download them right away.

Lord_Sloth2589d ago

Still no friend play without having to spam the soal sign for up to 15 minutes before you say f*** it and stop bothering.

venomcarnage892589d ago

You and your friend should both join a covenant, like the Way of White covenant, and you will get coop priority and be able to coop with ease. A few other covenants do it for coop'ing as well but I forgot their names. The Sunlight Altar one does it as well.

Lord_Sloth2589d ago

Done that for Way of the White, Sunbro, and Princess' Guard. Still took the same amount of time and some days just wouldn't work at all even after 20 minutes.

venomcarnage892588d ago

Hmm, Some areas are just broken too, so it could depend on that but idk for sure, I know that New Londo is just broken and I can't coop there worth my life. Same with the first half of Demon Ruins. This game is weird with where they want you to summon people so you gotta play around with it. In the right spots it should work pretty quick though.