Jaffe Meets With “Producer of God of War”

With God of War III having released way back in March 2010, Sony Santa Monica must be deep into the development of their next game. Current rumors and simple guesses point towards the next game being another God of War, and recent comments by David Jaffe once again point towards the game being GOW IV. - PSLS

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Sev2519d ago

Being the director of the first God of War, I'm sure that the current GOW team asks him for input from time to time. They could very well be great friends outside of work.

Trexman892519d ago

also, who would pass on having dinner with Jaffe?

"you call these fucking breadsticks!?" *flips table

rogimusprime2519d ago

He needs to slap the director Amundsen(sp?) for not going back and giving DLC on that title to the fans. I had an awesome time playing it, even got the ultimate edition, but felt like it should've given us more in the way of additional content via download. Extra rooms, skins, that ending that never got released that they keep talking about.

Honestly I felt like Ghost of Sparta told a better story, but the over the top gameplay and graphics of GOW III win out.

DigitalRaptor2519d ago

I agree. I would've loved to see additional DLC for God of War III.

It's like how I feel with Heavy Rain and the Chronicles episodes that were never developed because of Quantic Dream focusing on the Move Edition functionality instead. Really disappointed about that.

DasBunker2518d ago

overall i thought GOWII was just a better game in every aspect except graphics obviously.. i'd like GOWIV redeem the series but at the same time i dont want a prequel or spinoff.. but how GOWIII i dont know how they'll pull it off

DonaldBeck2519d ago

come on, bring us god of war 4! gow3 was one of the best games i have ever played, i need my fix.

morganfell2519d ago

I'll take GoW4...but it isn't the game they should be making.

They made a fatal error in GoW 3 and we in the gaming community are the poorer for it. Kratos should never have fought Hercules. In fact they should have been allies.

And in my personal view Hercules > Kratos. Maybe it's just the era in which I grew up but Steve Reeves probably rolled over in his grave concerning the one unnecessary and erred encounter in an otherwise great game.

Ideally this game should be about Hercules and his mythical 12 labors. Such a game made by that development team would be phenomenal.

The scene at 6:35 says it all.

Fylus2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

It's technically spelled "Heracles" by the way. But I completely disagree. The game IS about Kratos. If they wanted to make a game about Heracles' twelve labors, they would have.

Kratos could not be allies with Heracles for the simple fact that, as Kratos' half brother, Heracles was under the will of Hera, whom wanted Kratos dead and used Heracles to "attempt" this.

The way Kratos is portrayed, Heracles made a great rival for him. A fight to the death between the two of them was not only smart, but it would have been historically relevant had Kratos been a real Greek Mythological character. (Which he was actually, as the Daimon of Strength, however the real Kratos was completely insignificant in actual Greek Mythology.)

Diver2519d ago

actually dude its spelled both ways. heracles is the greek spelling an Hercules is the latin name. trying to bomb somebodys intellect cause you dont agree with them makes you look bad.

Diver2518d ago

an fylus since you are all into accuracy then you should know that gow had it wrong. hera hated hercules with a passion because he was zeus illegitimate child with alceme and she tried to kill him and trick him. she is the last person he would have sided with. you should do some research next time.

Fylus2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

*Alcmene*. And yes, I knew that. I happen to major I'm Greek Myth. The GoW story bends actual Greek Myth quite a bit including with the relationship of Hera and Heracles IN the game, and I was simply talking through the context of the game's version of the story. Even in true Greek Mythology, Heracles WOULD provide a great rival for Kratos seeing as they both stand for totally different ideals. By the way, I was NOT insulting his intelligence. I was merely explaining why I disagreed, as any mature, civilized person with a different opinion would.

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insertcoin2519d ago

Yeah, I think Jaffe is committed to working on projects outside of God of War. It's tiring as a designer to work on the same franchise over and over again, even if it's a successful one. I mean, how long has Kojima wanted to leave MGS behind but couldn't?

doctorstrange2519d ago

Yeah, that's the problem when you make something huge, it's impossible to distance yourself.

GTRrocker2519d ago

I would like to see a God of War game with Norse mythology and a new main character

Iceland2519d ago

Kratos cannot be replaced.

GTRrocker2517d ago

He is a good character, but I would like to see a new story.

Shadowolf2518d ago

Replacing Kratos would be a huge risk which many diehard fans would consider blasphemous.

GraveLord2519d ago

Isn't Santa Monica working on Starhawk together with Lightbox Interactive?

doctorstrange2519d ago

Like they helped out with Warkhawk and Flow etc.

They help out, but it's not their main project.

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