No 32GB Vita Memory Card for Europe at Launch

If you're planning on splashing out on the largest memory card you can get for Vita, you may have to seek the help of an importer.

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CynicalVision2545d ago

Not an issue for me, the 8GB will be more than enough for a year or so before I upgrade.

VINNIEPAZ2544d ago

Well, how convenient for YOU then huh?

CynicalVision2544d ago

Well of course, who else would it be convenient for?

gaffyh2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I dunno about anyone else, but every bit of launch information that I hear about PS Vita annoys me more and more. At first, it seemed well worth the price, but without a memory card with the handheld, it's just not worth it.

kaveti66162544d ago

If people would just wait a little bit instead of buying everything "day one," their lives would be so much easier.

dark-hollow2544d ago

everyday am thinking less and less about getting the vita on launch.

CynicalVision2544d ago

What's with the disagrees? I never realised that me stating a personal fact could even be disagreed with.

deadreckoning6662544d ago

It's N4G. You'd get disagrees for stating that your foot hurts.

claterz2544d ago

Well people might think that the 8GB memory card might not be enough for THEM. It's really not hard to understand.

CynicalVision2544d ago


I'm obviously not talking about anyone other than myself, that's not really hard to understand is it?

kaveti66162544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I think people press the disagree button because there isn't a "shut up and go away button."

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Haunter_2544d ago

Thanks for constantly shitting on your biggest market, Sony.
Dumb Wankers.

MasterCornholio2544d ago

Im going with 16Gb which is enough to download a few Vita games into. Luckily most games are under 1GB with Uncharted being the biggest one at 2.7GB.


Kurisu2544d ago

I am going to be purchasing the 16GB card as well. Would have at least like the option for the 32GB card, but it's not a big deal. The 16GB card should be more than enough if I mix and match retail and PSN games.

death2smoochie2544d ago

Maybe that's a good thing...Can you imagine what Sony will be charging for their 32gb memory cards in Europe?
Might as well ask the European Union to take out another loan and give it to you...LOL

2544d ago
lorianguy2544d ago

Haha! That's amazing!

A bit like this "headset":

MasterCornholio2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

That is pretty funny. Whats even more funny is the ad in this game store for Nintendo's circle pad accessory.

The ad says " Get more control out of your game by buying this Sony approved circle pad accessory"

When I saw that I almost died laughing.


bub162543d ago

haha i was looking at that earlier. i was confused as well lol

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