Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trophies Offers a Challenge to Fans

With Uncharted: Golden Abyss now available in Japan, the requirements to get the 52 available trophies, including the Platinum Trophy, have finally been revealed. Is it as easy as the ones on the console games? Not really!

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easto1a2493d ago

got u1,2 and 3 plats need to get this one too :)

admiralvic2493d ago

Haha I still need to play 3, but I am glad they felt okay branching out.

Lavitz19892493d ago

this is the game i'm looking forward when I get my Vita next year ^^

badz1492493d ago

Can't wait to play it next Friday hopefully! and I'm gonna Platinum it for sure!

FACTUAL evidence2493d ago

Wow looks at vita's interface....that shii just makes the ps3 trophy list look simple. Can't wait to see ps4's gui.

New-Breed2493d ago

That doesn't seem too bad. Hopefully I can make it my first Vita Platinum

admiralvic2493d ago

I agree. I am glad they also stuck with the platinum system.

phantomexe2493d ago

They tropys for uncharted on the Ps3 were way to easy it's nice to see them make them a little harder on the vita for uncharted.

MGRogue20172493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Uncharted: Golden Abyss will definitely be the first ever title I buy for my PS Vita. :)

Sithlord-Gamble2493d ago

Give me ur opinions pls:

Im currently lvl 14 w/ 6 plats ... I am debating on if I should use my profile I already have for the vita or should I make a new profile just for the vita trophies? Ill let u guys decide. Thx!

admiralvic2493d ago

Might as well keep it universal... though that adds problems down the road. I got so many trophies I cant even compare with other people without it being a HUGE hassle.

Level 24 (@99% though) w/ 40+ platinums.

cpayne932493d ago

Use the one you already have, you can download psn games you've already bought for your Vita.

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