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PlayStation Vita is the successor to Sony’s PlayStation Portable that debuted back in 2005. With the release of the Vita in Japan, a lot of people were impressed with the new features the handheld offers to gamers and fans alike to the PlayStation brand. With a super bright five inch OLED screen and dual analog sticks, the Vita is what the PlayStation Portable fans has been longing for. However, at the price of $249.99 for the WiFi only model and $299.99 for the 3G version, is it time for PSP owners to invest in the PlayStation Vita?

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smashcrashbash2496d ago

With the memory cards being cheaper then expected and games not being all the same price, I believe that price is no longer a problem. A 4 GB memory card plus a ten dollar game equals only $30.00. with a VITA that is only $280.00. Not even crossing the over $300.00 price tag that people kept harping on it would cost you.

PSPEE2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

It's ridiculously overpriced.

@Blackburn10 & cpayne83

You have the right to buy whatever you want! But don't go telling that Vita is, "a good deal" when there's a lot more you can get for that price.

cpayne932496d ago

Can't really compare it, this is a brand new system. Xbox and ps3 are several years old. Besides, this is portable with different control methods and abilities than a console, and I might like to add that the games are 20 bucks cheaper than console, depsite being similar level experiences.

blackburn102496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

People buy lots of overpriced things. Ipods, Iphones, smartphones, tablets, sports cars, clothes. Who are you to tell me what not to buy? Am Ipad is a waste of time and money and mostly pointless in my opinion but i am not going to tell you not to buy it. It's my money. I will decide if it is worth the cost or not. What are you going to do? Come to my house and stop me? Just shut up already. Go away

Parapraxis2496d ago

The Vita is a good deal.
Only an un-informed idiot would think it's "overpriced"

tiffac0082496d ago

Prices will go down even with a new sku, its the nature of the console business. So this pricing issue is only temporary not permanent and it will only affect the early adopters and not the frugal of gamers.

MasterCornholio2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Look what we have here. I have been reading many Vita articles and I noticed that you troll in almost all of them. Also your user name indicates that you have negative feelings towards portable devices by Sony.

As Baldwin the blacksmith says in demon souls " your not going to last long here"

You sure have a bad temper as well. What would you say if I told you that Nintendo released the 3DS at the same price as the Vita then a few months later they had a massive price drop of 80€? Knowing this information do you believe that Nintendo did a good job with pricing the 3DS in comparison to the Vita?

Would really love an answer from you.


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