The Truth About Online Pass Codes

In gaming online pass codes have become a growing trend among developers. A pass code generally allows players to attain a games multiplayer mode or bonuses through a code instead of leaving the option open just by popping in a disk. This trend seems to be becoming a way for developers to make more money on their games...

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TheSuperior 2493d ago

online pass codes suck, is there any turing back?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2492d ago

Sadly this trend will not stop since it means more money in the Developers Pockets. I for one am not happy about these passes but they're here so all I can do is try to live with it....

rezzah2492d ago

Not for the sake of making more money, but making money from sales that should have already existed.

Meaning the reason behind this act is due to loss of sales through games being rented or bought used.

So be happy to play the SP, but if you play for MP then buy the game new.

kreate2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )


Or not buy it

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2492d ago


and lose out on the fun no thanks. Besides every-game that has an online pass I just buy it new. Well i buy most of my games new my problem is I can't let my friends borrow my games without them being limited it's so dumb

gamingdroid2492d ago


It's not just a matter of buying new, it's a matter of publishers limiting access to a game you purchased NEW.

You can't lend the game to a friend, nor can you easily share it with other family members in the same household. That's something you used to be able to do.

On top of that, companies like EA also puts an expiration date on Online Passes included in new games. How f'ed up is that!?

dark-hollow2492d ago


what if i wanted to play MY NEW COPY in a friends house??
what if my console is broken and i get another one????

"Not for the sake of making more money, but making money from sales that should have already existed."

yeah, and DLC is new original content to extend the life span of a game, not to unlock things that already on the disk!

if they abused dlc, why would a trust them with this?

n4f2492d ago

this is when hackers have to hack the thing sabotage the company. I dunno about you but im boycotting all those form of cash cow(online pass, drm, etc)

PirateThom2492d ago


I just experienced the issue of a broken console being replaced with a new one.

PS3 died, I deactivated the games on the old one and activated them on the new one and downloaded the pass...

That's not actually that big an issue.

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Avernus2492d ago

Too many companies are doing it now for them to go back. EA, WB (Rocksteady's Batman) and SONY and pretty big hitters, so it's only a matter of time before every publisher does it.

Funny enough Activision hasn't done it yet. Smart move? I think so, as their biggest title is obviously COD, and they know how big the used games market is, and now with Elite, they're ensuring that they stay in the money, sort of speak.

gamingdroid2492d ago

Activision knows that charging for Online Pass limits the audience. Instead try to convert existing users to buy your next title.

Win for consumers and win for the publisher.

Online passes is a major loss for consumer and a loss for publisher long term.

radphil2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Dunno why people were going with the disagrees. It makes sense.

Problem being though is that Activision caused another issue which is DLC pricing.

gamingdroid2492d ago


I agree that DLC pricing is out of control and Activision is the leader of DLC price hikes. The consolidation is that, it is an optional add-on.

scrambles2492d ago

People pay 50$ for a service BF3 players gets for free. I guess theres the map packs but after the 1st maybe the 2nd all the maps turns bad so its not worth it.

DA_SHREDDER2492d ago

Their online passes have to be worth purchasing the game. Otherwise why even sweat it. What should be happening is if you are behind your product, why not include multiplayer Dead Space style for 2 days. That made me buy another copy, win/win for the true devs and true gamers.

SyWolf2492d ago

I still don't understand why people are against online passes. Instead of saving $5 on a used game why not support the industry and the developers and buy it new? Used games make developers no money which is a huge problem because making AAA games is crazy expensive. If you want the full game spring for a new game. It costs $5 more, but you're supporting the industry.

dinkeldinkse2492d ago

I see no reason to buy new just to support developers/publishers that release unfinished or broken games and dlc rape you at every turn.

The only reason I buy new is because I prefer to be the only person to ever own my shit.

If you are wondering, I haven't bought a game with an Online Pass and never will. If I really want to play it, I will just rent it.

dgonza402492d ago

how do online passes work with rented games?

GhettoBlasStarr2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I still don't understand why people believe that "Support the Dev" B.S.

Let me ask you some questions....
What game Dev. has a "Satisfaction guarantee or your money back"?? None!!
And they will quickly sell you a Crap Game & won't think twice about it!! Some will sell you a unfinished game at full price and then turn around a sell better New & Improved version of the same game for full price a few months later.

So if you buy a game and you don't like it for any reason(Sucks/Bugs/Lag/Ghost Lobbies ect.) Don't you feel you have the right to get at least some of your money back?? Hell Yeah!!

And when you sell your game used, Who loses money?? Not the Devs. YOU DO!! Because you have to sell it at a cheaper price because of..
1. You opened the Game.
2. It has an Online Pass that you already used.

So I don't understand why people fall for that B.S.

Xander-RKoS2492d ago

What film studio gives you back your money for an unsatisfactory movie? What author gives you back your money for an unsatisfactory book? What musician gives you back money for an unsatisfied album? Retailers might offer some kind of money back program, but not usually developers or publishers.

If you buy a game and don't like it, that's your fault. It is not the developer's personal responsibility to make you an educated consumer, you have to do that yourself. For as much as I hate reviews, its what their kind of there to do.

Also, the reason people want to support the devs is because they put all the time, effort, and money into making the game and we want them to keep making more games.

GhettoBlasStarr2491d ago

True, And I understand that.
But the difference is that Books/Movies/Music are not fighting Used Sells.
But even Books have libraries. Music have videos & radios. When you go to the Movies you can demand your money back and not buy the Movie when it comes out on DvD.

I love video games and I support all the people that worked on the game.
But I will not give up my RIGHT to sell something that I've paid for, nor give up my RIGHT to find it at a cheaper prices.

hadouken0072492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Greedy F'ers ,always finding away to screw the gamers.

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