Call Of Duty Elite: Friday Night Fights, iJustine Battling It Out On MW3

Here at Bacon After Dark we are a big fans of iJustine. This week she will be on Call of Duty Elite: Friday Night Fights battling it out against actress Michelle Rodriguez on Modern Warfare 3.

Here is a trailer showing off iJustine’s Modern Warfare 3 skills

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BC3501d ago

Yeah! My jaw dropped at dat laptop, I bet it has 8 gigs of rams and it's a quad core.

kparks3500d ago

Why don't they make elite usable like clan competition and so on instead of doing this dumnb shit??? Wtf I didn't pay to be premium to watch some bimbos play mw3 I want to rank my damn clan up. But that pic is hot as hell tho for real..

kcuthbertson3501d ago

Who the f is iJustine and why do I care?

theonlylolking3500d ago

She is a popular youtuber that makes vlogs for stalkers and gaming videos with tobuscus. She is very bad at games and was once a PS3 gamer until tobuscus came along and now she only plays xbox 360.

kcuthbertson3500d ago

Somehow that makes me care even less than I did before I knew who she was...

Nes_Daze3500d ago

And girl gamers want the majority to take them seriously. -_-, Sooo pathetic. Am I supposed to be drooling and falling over my chair for some chick who craves attention?

Fel083500d ago

And we should care because??

Sorry, but the girl is annoying, and just makes girl gamers look bad.