Flatout 3: Chaos Destruction - Third Update Released; Team 6 Shows Impressive Post-Launch Support

DSOGaming writes: "Holy Batman, FlatOut 3 has been out for quite a few days and has already received two updates. Two bloody updates and other companies can’t even release one with mere fixes. The previous two updates that got released featured AI difficulty rebalances, car physics properties rebalances, car deformation, improved physics for all cars and the introduction of the ‘Classic’ Mode. In other words, this is the way it’s meant to be."

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silverblade732587d ago

Despite the horrible 'trailer' video, bad marketing, late announcement and the bugs in the initial release, i have to admit Team6 did a pretty good job in the end. A very good job actually, i really like what they did with the franchise. (after patch3 was released, before the patches it should never have been released)

FlatOut3 is a good game in almost every aspect, and certainly when it comes to fun and replay value. FlatOut3 doesn't deserve the bad reviews any more: too bad nobody will do a 2nd review, morons.

Question is: Can Team6 still win back all the customers they've lost with their marketing / launch failure?