Tech-Gaming | Trine 2 Review

For fifteen dollars, Trine 2 offer an intensely satisfying single-player campaign, as well as online and couch co-op which radically alter the way the game is played. Although separate stages designed to take advantage of the title’s multiplayer possibilities would have been pleasing, as it stands, the game easily warrants its price of admission.

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RaptorMan2495d ago

Trine 2 will get a trial for sure.

deserteaglexix2495d ago

You the dino, RaptorMan. Thanks for posting.

madmad2495d ago

Need to download the demo. I really wish you could get the 360 to start downloads remotely instead of just cueing it up.

mediastudies2495d ago

Any differences between the PC and console versions? Mods, additional stuff?