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As Ezio Auditore da Firenze, my ventures through Constantinople beckon for my participation.

Be it a plaza bustling with life, a secluded Assassin’s den, or a distant Gypsy camp, the Templar-ridden city calls out with noise as diverse as the lively inhabitants that walk amongst it. I heed these calls with enthusiasm, entrenching myself in the city with a Templar’s demise in mind.

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DanCrabtree2545d ago

The series has just derailed from the initial intention, which made it strong. Climbing, exploring fully realized version of cities soaked in relatable, historical importance. Tower defense just doesn't fit into that framework.

wh0am12545d ago

tower defense was pretty annoying
that was the first thing i tried to remedy by training master assassin's

but aside from that I LOVED THE TRILOGY

italianbreadman2545d ago

I haven't played Revelations, but I can barely comprehend how tower defense, which I can't stand, could possibly fit into an AC game