PlayStation Vita Memory Cards Officially Priced. Cheaper Than Earlier Reported

Sony officially announced the PlayStation Vita Memory Card prices which come in at a much lower prices then originally thought of.

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smashcrashbash2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Wow. if this is true then there goes the memory card reason not to buy a VITA. This is peanuts compared to what people thought originally. A VITA and a 4 GB memory card won't even pass $300.00. This would even squash the multiple accounts complaint.Having two or three accounts will barely even put a dent in my wallet.Like I said IF this is true this is a punch in the face for all haters and a welcome discovery for VITA supporters. Why isn't this being approved faster? This great news.

Dante1122589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

True, wonder why this isn't being approved? Vita's looking like a great buy now (I'm getting a 16gb now). Much more in line with cards already out in the market.

superadvanced2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


"...also the 32 gig memory card is not going to be 124 dollars in the US. yes 9500 yen is about 124 dollars but the wifi only vita costs 24,980 yen. that's 325 dollars. does the wifi vita cost 325 dollars in the US? No. it costs 250 dollars. using simple mathematics: 250/325=x/124 we find that x=95 dollars. therefore the 32 gig card will not exceed 100 dollars. similar proportions can be set up for the other capacity cards and you can even use the price of the 3g model as your proportion (300/390)."

posted by me here 93 days ago lol

dedicatedtogamers2589d ago

Yep, it's on the official Playstation Blog.

Haters gonna hate, but this is yet another bullet in the brains of the idiots who have been preaching the "Vita is dead on arrival" nonsense.

Dante1122589d ago

Some of the Vita games seem cheaper too now.

blumatt2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The Vita is THE handheld to buy if you want the best of the best graphics, console-quality games, cross-platform gameplay, and the most flexible gameplay controls (touchpad, touch panel, 6 axis motion, etc. etc.).

I WILL be buying one day one and I've never done that before on any console/handheld. I've always waited but this thing is just wonderfully well thought out and is a very attractive piece of kit.

Care to explain, disagrees??

PSPEE2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

So the majority of you are claiming that piracy is the sole reason why Sony's using overpriced proprietary SD cards?

Why isn't Nintendo using them, then? The 3DS also launched with an SD card "bundled" with the hardware, and I can buy 3rd party battery packs for the devices, plus it's BC with NDS software (which I don't have to rebuy to play what I own).

You can purchase a Xbox 360, PS3, Wii with a couple of software titles, an iphone, or an ipad for whatever Vita cost when you bundle everything together.

Vita isn't a mass market device, and if the 3DS couldn't sell at the $250 (which was bundled with an SD card) launch price - I don't believe the Vita will.

Please post a serious replay, if you want to debate on this issue.

DragonKnight2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

You want a serious reply? Very well, but don't say you didn't ask for it.

First of all, none of us are inclined to take the opinion of someone with an obvious troll name such as yours seriously at all. To us, your opinion is about as wanted as a bullet wound, as useful as trying to light a match underwater. But setting that aside, let's deal with your "points."

Piracy is definitely one of the reasons Sony is using proprietary SD cards, that coupled with the irremovable battery. It's documented fact that those are well known avenues of piracy, and if you can't see that then you're blind and naive. Why should Sony allow pirates an easy time at their device? Sony's trying to make money, not give everything away for nothing after having spent millions on Vita's creation.

Nintendo isn't using them for their own reasons. Likely because they have their own method of combating piracy, have gone through enough trouble with the fact the 3DS is just an NDS.5 priced too high, and they need to give absolutely every option they can to entice people to buy it since it had huge stigmas of poor game selection and high cost from the get go. Factors the Vita doesn't suffer from. As for BC, you need to shut the hell up about that because it's people like you that were b*tching about UMD's from the start and wanting downloadable games, and are now complaining that Sony has listened to you. Plus, the Vita is BC in its own way. May not be a popular way, but it doesn't mean the feature is absent.

Sure, you can purchase all of those things, but if you're thinking of buying a Vita it's likely because you already have those things. Your comparison is thus completely invalidated. It is further invalidated by the fact that the Vita has things that none of those consoles or ridiculously overpriced Apple products have.

Vita has proven with just the launch week that it IS a mass market device, and the 3DS couldn't justify it's price tag with content and features. What people are looking at in the Vita is that it's worth MORE than the price tag of $250, has a lot more games at launch than 3DS, a lot more anticipated launch games from the get go, and features that the 3DS can't hope to match. The 3DS is also a very marginal upgrade of the DS and has not given anyone a legitimate reason to say "this is a very different handheld and I should purchase it." The Vita is completely different from the PSP with so many in demand features that there is really no comparison to any other handheld dedicated to gaming out now.

Your words suggest you don't want to debate, you just want to bash the Vita and try to hype up the 3DS. If you like the 3DS, fine. But it's really just a poor excuse for a "new" handheld and Nintendo is counting on the impulse buy mentality of the ill-informed casual crowd to make it fly off the shelves. They don't give a damn about core gamers, and the 3DS is continued proof of that.

--Onilink--2589d ago

well even though the prices are lower, which is apreciated, it doesnt change the fact that they are still way overpriced compared to other formats and worst of all, that we are being forced to buy them to play certain games

PSPEE2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

"They" don't get it.

blackburn102589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Its not your fault. You are just one of those people who will complain no matter what.Nothing they do will ever change anything. Someone will always find something to complain about. It is the forte of the modern gamer

'The memory cards are way over priced'. 'They are way lower then you thought' 'Well um they still are ummm. just a second I will think if something. Oh i know.They are too black.

Even if they lowered the cards to 5 cents each people would wonder why aren't they free. When you don't really want something it is easy to find fault in everything.If it had the Apple icon marked on it you would see how fast everyone would grab it no questions asked. Every company charges more for each memory upgrade of their devices. This is no different.

PSPEE . No you don't get it at all. You are just blowing hot air. People spend $600.00 and up on other devices willingly. Why should buying a VITA for less be a big problem?

Jihaad_cpt2588d ago

no one is forcing you buy a PS Vita. Go play your cheap iPhone.

--Onilink--2588d ago

i dont see why the replies are talking about iphones or other $600 devices that im not talking about. All im saying is that the cards are still overpriced, just do yourself a favor and check the prices for SD cards, you can even buy a 64GB for $85, 4GB $4, 8GB $6(really, check amazon if you dont believe me) and also the fact that i dont see any reason whatsoever as to why some games allow you to save into the game card but others force you to buy an extra memory card.

Im not going to complain about something that doesnt exist, but if there is something i dont like, why should i just pretend its ok because someone else thinks its fine to spend $600 on a tablet or phone....

Perhaps one of the people disagreeing can explain why some games can be saved to the game card and some dont, because i dont see why

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-Mika-2589d ago

People still gonna complain.

CynicalVision2589d ago

People always complain. T_T

The Iron Sheik2589d ago

It's a Sony product of course they will complain. The Vita could cure cancer and people would still complain.

CynicalVision2589d ago

'The Vita could cure cancer and people would still complain.'

I can just see some of the complaints now;

"Oh great, now the world is going to be even more overpopulated, thanks Sony!"

deadreckoning6662589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Why are people complaining about the complainers?


Kaveti, did you just use cold hard evidence to prove a point on N4G instead of utter lunacy and blind loyalism? Sir...I applaud you.

CynicalVision2589d ago


If you want someone to blame for the price of the memory cards then take it up with the people like Geohot, thanks to people like that Sony can't use a generic memory format.

RBLAZE19882589d ago

@ kaveti...look at all those prices. Amazon always slashes price and even heavier cause It's Christmas. Nice try tho but in stores those prices would be way higher and in line with vita card prices but you probably won't see it that way.

radphil2589d ago


You do realize people can see the crossed-off original price, and since it's amazon they give deals on just about anything.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you can get a deal on the cards when the Vita comes out.

blumatt2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Well maybe someone should have directed MS to THIS amazon page when they were pricing THEIR harddrives for the 360:

Instead, they overpriced their harddrives too at around $99 or more. So, Sony is not the only company to ever do this.

I would have loved for them to put in internal storage like the iPhones have, BUT I know Sony didn't do that so that the price would be better, so the memory card solution was the only way.

Plus, I for one will be buying most of my games on "hard copies" anyway.
----------------------------- ----
Also something I don't think people are thinking about is that there will most likely be third party memory cards too, from MadCatz and other companies. And those will be cheaper, I'm sure.

2589d ago
kaveti66162589d ago

Guys guys guys. Relax. I'll address all your concerns.

CynicalVision, Generic memory cards aren't any more vulnerable to security risks than Sony-branded cards.

Rblaze, Amazon is able to slash prices on cards because they can get them in bulk. Sony can also do this. Purchasing memory cards in bulk reduces the price per unit. Secondly, I think you guys are assuming that these Sony branded memory cards are somehow different than other memory cards. They're not. They're manufactured by the same company that manufacturers memory cards for Sandisk and PNY. Sony just slaps their label on the memory card.

Blumatt, your argument is either, "Guys, don't focus on Sony. Look at Microsoft" or it's, "Guys, since Microsoft nickels and dimes consumers with proprietary hardware components, Sony should also be able to do it without receiving any complaints."

Considering that Microsoft receives a ton of criticism for screwing people over with their hard drives, I find it ironic that those same people who criticize Microsoft are unwilling to criticize Sony.

As long as Sony allows for PS VITA owners to use third party drives, then I don't care how much they charge for their proprietary products, but if they're forcing customers to purchase these insanely priced cards, then they deserve criticism.

BlmThug2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

So only Sony products get hate now? My god there is no conspiracy against Sony. OT: Im getting a 16GB, should be more than enough for my songs, a few films and apps.

fear882588d ago

I don't really care about the price so much but if people want to bitch...

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smashcrashbash2589d ago

I looked on The official Playstation Blog. It is true. Awesome.8GB card for me. That should do for now.

DarkBlood2589d ago

ok the 32 gb is becoming acceptable but it turns out i have to actually little bit but price is no longer the reason at the least

Majin-vegeta2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

An 8gb should do good for now.

Edit:Once again Sony proves haters are full of it.

A present from Sony to all the haters.

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