Top Selling Vita Games On PSN Released

Hot Shots is #1 with Ridge Racer at #2

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MasterCornholio2544d ago

1. Hot Shots Golf 6
2. Ridge Racer
3. Lord of Apocalypse
4. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
5. Little Deviants
6. True Night of the Kamaitachi: The 11th Visitor
7. Dynasty Warriors NEXT
8. Katamari Vita
9. Army Corps of Hell
10. Disgaea 3
For lazy people.


[Source: Japanese PSN]

metsgaming2544d ago

Its disturbing that Ridge Racer is #2, hope this doesnt start a new trend when they will think its ok to have no content in games anymore and just have everything as dlc.

specialguest2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Even though the game is at a lower cost, 5 cars and 3 tacks? How the hell do they get away with this crap?? Sure, you have the freedom to pick and choose your DLC, but I've read that the only DLC available are music updates like the retro pack. Later during the year between Feb-May you may be able to buy a bundle for 8 more cars and 6 more tracks...Woopy f-ing doo!! /s

This has got to be the most barebone game since I can remember. If the Vita is supposed to be nearly as powerful as the PS3, Ridger Racer sure doesn't show it with sub-par graphics running at 30fps.

Bundi2544d ago

People have taken a liking to this golf game. Why? Thats not a trolling why, no I'm reserving that for Ridge Racer, I just really want to know. Is it that good?

ZombieAssassin2544d ago

It's hot shots golf, for some reason people have always loved it since the Ps1...I don't know why either even though I played the hell out of it when I first got a PlayStation.

BrutallyBlunt2544d ago

Hot Shots actually looks excellent. You can also pan the scenery with the Vita. The game is also a great game for handhelds as it's easy to just play a few holes if you are pressed for time.

What this list really shows is how vastly different the Japanese market is to the West. Ridge Racer is more popular than Uncharted for example even though reviews show how vastly superior Uncharted is. Just goes to show how they continue to support Japanese content first and how name brand is still very apparent over there.

Rageanitus2544d ago

It is like why ppl love the halo same argument

badz1492544d ago

is like a flagship title for PS brands in Japan. always sells a lot on every PS platformed it was released for over there.

user8586212544d ago

I guess them japs love their golf

Ddouble2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Too bad we can't get numbers but i'm glad to see Uncharted charting nicely