CES – Life After Microsoft

W75's Will Anderson reflects on the impact of Microsoft's departure from the Consumer Electronics Show and how it will affect the gaming industry.

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ATi_Elite2519d ago

Maybe they will just have a special Microsoft day thing like Steve Jobs did with Apple but without the black turtle neck sweater and tight jeans.

wanderson752519d ago

My thoughts: Not likely. It's too expensive to do it alone and there's a million events every year that they can leverage.

Pyscho_Mantis2518d ago

oh Microsoft how youve fallen.....seems like Apple has overtaken you....if only bill gates had stuck around.....XP was amazing but they have ruined it since Vista :(

DiRtY2518d ago

Actually most of MS products are very popular and successful in the past years.

Windows 7
Xbox 360
Windows phone 7
MS Office (Best one ever!)
IE 9 made great steps in the right direction

Sure there are products like Zune and Kin, which did not do so well, but overall MS made some really great moves. But yeah broken record keeps on spinning.

wanderson752518d ago

Zune didn't do well because they didn't market it. It was one of there "Throw at wall. See if it sticks" plans. The Kin was just fail all over.