Art Imitates Life: Video Games Reflecting the Times

From the feature article:

"Art imitates life" is a classic phrase, because no matter what era of time it is applied to, the saying rings true. Video games are finally receiving the artistic consideration that the medium rightfully deserves, as evidenced by the Smithsonian “Art of Video Games” exhibit, which opens in March 2012. And so, video games are now subject to this phrase, “art imitates life,” and many recent and upcoming titles are proving this claim to be true. The world is currently in an unstable economic state, and much of the blame lies with the banks, corporations, and governments of our modern age. The United States, as well as a large portion of European nations, are facing these financial crises simultaneously and the public has been forced to take notice. One of the repercussions for our current day and age has resulted in a public distrust for corporations and government. Games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Syndicate, and Rainbow Six: Patriots are reflections of the modern times and key evidence in the claim that art imitates life."

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