Overwhelming Volume of SWTOR Complaints Crash Customer Service Line

Are you having trouble logging into Star Wars: The Old Republic? Have you been waiting in a queue for the last two days? Or maybe the games simply won't run correctly and you need a friendly customer service rep to help you get online?


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Abriael2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

lol. Sweeping statements on the future of a MMORPG over a phone line going down (that still don't change the fact that this is basically the smoothest MMO launch since Ultima Online)? stop the press!

Oh wait. There's no news here.

lemme give you an hint, mr. Vito gesualdi. People that have one month of a game to play don't just throw it in the bin because customer support doesn't respond for half an hour. You may want to get a clue instead of trying to be sensationalistic.

Reminds me the story about "nude females" being the "most popular" Skyrim mod, when it has never been and still isn't. Oh wait. It's the same site. Go figure.

r1sh122588d ago

Is this game any good?
Or can anyone tell me if its good?

Im not sure whether I want to buy it or not

Sub4Dis2588d ago

my understanding is that it's a good game for leveling up and experiencing the story. but, like most MMOs that aren't wow, it's end game isn't good. that could ultimately change, i suppose. but before they work on building more end-game content, they might wanna fix those 500+ person queues.

Abriael2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

No, it's not good. It's absolutely great. Probably one of the best MMORPGs if not the best at launch since Ultima Online.

lumley6662588d ago

I'm so glad I didn't waste £40 and get this at launch. I'll wait till you can actually play the game before I get it. I'm excited to play it from what iv read but like every other mmo, don't buy at launch, seems like an expensive headache to me lol

MegaMohsi2588d ago

Actually I've had no problems with this game, everything has been pretty seamless, Bioware did a good job for a MMO launch. The only thing that's been somewhat disappointing are the server queues up to 15 min for me during peak hours

kevnb2588d ago

the game is fantastic, there are probably tons of people calling because they have crap from best buy.

pandehz2588d ago

U dont need to study Journalism to know this is not news. So where's the news Gamezone.