Why Skyrim is not my game of the year

Paul Tassi: But what does it matter really, if in a thousand quests, there isn’t one truly excellent storyline among them? Though the game makes a point of fleshing out almost every single NPC you talk to, and giving them a problem that they need your help solving, the individual plotlines of the game are all somewhat…lacking.

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christheredhead2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I have to say I sort of agree with what the article mentions. The biggest draw for me would most definitely be the exploration. Running around, doing whatever I want, has the most appeal to me. Anything outside of that just seems to lack depth of sorts. Its hard to pin point the root cause, but I realized that I dont really like skyrim all that much. After 65 hours I hit some sort of proverbial wall and I don't ever want to pick it up again. Combat isn't rewarding, fetch quests wear me down and story lacks involvement.

I find the game sort of boring. That's probably not the best way to describe it though. After a while I just felt unenthusiastic about completing quests and getting involved in combat. I just wanted to explore, but the lore of the world wore off after I hit 65 hours and it became mundane. I think my issue is that I played morrowind and oblivion over 300 hours each and skyrim feels like an update, but is essentially the same game. Only a few things feel new and interesting. Its just that same as the previous, but with a new coat of paint, map and a couple of new quests/exploration areas. It’s a great game, just not as I previously made it out to be in my head. Something I would never want to go back and play though.

RedDead2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Posted this a few days ago.....

TL'DR for below. The game is filled to the brim with content. But the content is pretty average, in terms of gameplay, Rpg elements, quest system and Story.

I completely disagree on Exploration. The only reward you get for exploring is Dragon shouts. Loot is scaled. This is why i liked MW. Everywhere in the game had a good point to it, there was something unique in it. Armor, weapons etc. Skyrim ditched that for crafting. Stupid move imo. Oblivion didn't have this at all, again making exploration pointless with level scaling.

I just don't understand, why did Bethesda not just improve on MW's formula. They ditched what was good about MW for a better(but still terrible) combat system. Skyrim's combat system is still medicre after a while, magic was dissapointing, I thought they would actually make magic different. But no. Lightning has 3 varients which are exactly the same as Fire but cause a different *effect*. It just seems lazy on Bethesda's part yet again. Skyrim is better than Oblivion but it's still going to mainstream and too easy. I just wish they could remake Morrowind with Skyrim's(Or an actual good one) combat system and graphics. Or simply make one with all the good stuff about MW in it. Hopefully for the ES6 they'll do an overhaul on the combat system.

i mean I could keep going on about the game. Everything sucks in it. it's game filled with a beautiful open world and lots of content, but the content sucks badly, Ai is dreadful, Npc's a lifeless idiots, everyone talks down to you, why does no one in questlines recognize who you are? They should be begging you to join them. The story and writing still sucks, combat is still shallow. Level scaling is still too prevalent, especially the dragons, they're so repetitive. The best 'improvement' or new addition was dragon shouts but they simply took over the game, exploration's reward is just them and some random loot which is scaled(makes it all pointless) "

TLDR. The game is filled to the brim with content. But the content is pretty average, in terms of gameplay, Rpg elements, quest system and Story.

Also like to add Dragons are good for a short amount of time. For the whole game they just get repititive. Strong enemies are nothing but sponges yet again. There is no feeling of a hard enemy. You just end up Mashing the attack button and blocking. They have more life and take more life away, that is always the only difference.

Edit-I liked Oblivion, simply becausei t was the first time I had ever played a game like it. I did notice the flaws quick enough which was basically, the gaem was made for exploring, but i'll never ever find anything worth exploring for. I'll never find some enemy too hard to touch etc. Skyrim has this to a lesser extent but not as bad. Morrowind didn't have this. And I understand why that was changed but it was. the game became less hardcore and in turn had less depth. I played Morrowind after OB anyway and immediately realized how much mistakes bethesda made when developing oblivion.

MariaHelFutura2518d ago

Does this guy want an award?

baboom2232518d ago

Idk, to me it just sounds like you over played it...

MadMax2518d ago

You took the words right outta my mouth, im not alone i guess!

maxbox992518d ago

Here's what I believe the problem is.

When you a quest in skyrim, there's only one outcome. Of course you can choose your side, but the outcome stays the same. Let me explain. Let's say I choose the thief guild (this would be the side I choose), the storyline is pretty much the same as any other guild, I restore it to it's past glory etc, etc... The thing is, there's only one outcome. It would be way better if I could actually choose the outcome. I could be the one who put an end to this guild's story, I could be that guy who helped a bit, I could be the traitor, you name it. That would be what I call freedom. What we have in skyrim now is some sort of artificial freedom. If the game was the way I told you, then I'd have a real feeling that whatever I'll do, I'll be the only one to do it this way.

christheredhead2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Yah true. Almost every faction/guild has the same basic structure of building back up. I dont mind that so much, but as you said, would be nice to have some flexibility in options. Maybe decide how you go about rebuilding the guild, who you can steal from, who you can attack, etc. Most of the time it results in the faction rising back up, killing "some guy" and taking "some loot". Thats the basic quest setup that is entangled through all of skyrim.

You sumed it up a little better. Thats how I began to lose that sense of freedom. Every person wanted the same thing and wanted to meet the same goals. Some were slightly more intricate than others, but it was the same end result. The game is built around artificial longevity. There is only a certain amount of quests, just repeated a thousand times for every person. Same goes for exploration, as its just 10+ types of areas repeated across the entire map.

Even so, Its still offers more of an adventure and things to do than just about any other game. The whole scope of the game wore off though once I realized that I was doing the same basic action over and over. Whether is was explore mine #40 or kill dragon #10, the action of completing those tasks were the same thing from the begging of the game to the end of the game.

Ducky2518d ago

^ ... but isn't that true for most/all games?
The same-basic-actions-repeating-o ver-and-over bit, I mean.

maxbox992518d ago

Yeah it's the same for every game. First person shooters, MMORPGs, racing games, sports games...

christheredhead2517d ago


Yah, thats how most games are built. I'm not singling out skyrim by any means. I just feel like they could have scrapped 80% of the "content" and it would have made for a more focused game.

I dont know, I just feel like nothing in the game is fully completed. There are a bunch of great ideas, but they are never fully implemented or just miss the mark. It so much and so spread out that you wont really notice, but after a while its just monotonous.

maxbox992517d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. It seems like they focused too much on making an open world rather then making a world full of interesting content. Honestly I'd be happy if the map was half what it is right now, anyway I know I'll never be able to go everywhere and I believe nobody ever will unless they play a damn lot. So instead they should've taken that time to improve the actual world and diversify it. Then we'd still have a huge world but it would be an awesome world with real freedom.

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HeavenlySnipes2518d ago

I really appreciate these articles making it through submission, N4G needs to know why 1/7 000 000 000 doesn't think Skyrim is the best game this year....

da_2pacalypse2518d ago

lol anybody who agrees with this idiot also doesn't appreciate creativity and buy cod games every year.

knifefight2518d ago

I haven't bought a CoD game since #4 back in 2007.

Thanks for making huge generalizations and not recognizing other peoples' opinions though.

Lord_Sloth2518d ago

@ da_2pacalypse

Not so. I despise FPS titles and I won't give Skyrim goty because it's a glitch ridden rehash of Oblivion. It's not creativity when you remake the same thing every installment, okay?

TheGameFoxJTV2517d ago

So since your opinion differs from his, this isn't a good article? smh

rabidpancakeburglar2518d ago

You are WRONG!!! *slaps nearest child in blind rage*
Nah, I respect his right to have an opinion even if I disagree.

MizTv2518d ago

skyrim is not goty. why. well it is not as good as 4. it just liiks better

jthamind2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

"It cannot be overstated how truly impressive Skyrim is from a technical perspective."

yes, it can be overstated and often is.

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