Batman: Arkham City Review (PlanetXbox360)

Batman: Arkham Asylum is justifiably the most revered comic hero game ever made. It may have seemed far fetched to think that Rocksteady studios could outdo their first outing with the Bat, but they managed to do it in every single way. Batman: Arkham City is not just a good game, it is a fantastic game. Batman is a character that appeals to more than just comic fans, as he carries with him a multitude of admirable qualities for a superhero. He has easily the most robust list of rogue enemies, he's not a superhero in the traditional sense; making him more relatable to the rest of us super-powerless humans, he has an arsenal of high-tech equipment and wonderful toys, and when it really comes down to it, his dark demeanor and brutal tactics to intimidate his foes flesh out an individual that stands out from the usual hero crowd. He's possibly the most accepted cultural comic character; having a myriad of success in graphic novels, television, films, and video games. Batman: Arkham City could arguably be the finest experience with the Dark Knight yet.

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Oh great, now I know if I should buy it on the game's release date. Thanks, PlanetXbox360!