Day 4 of Steam Holiday Sale is Now Live

Steam has announced that day four of the Steam Holiday Sale has gone live.

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burgerman2493d ago

Do we really need an article for this? Everyone just says either "nothing good" or "X for $X. Great!"

Go here. Enough said.

dirthurts2493d ago

Dude, as far as news goes this is pretty serious stuff. Who doesn't want good deals on great games?
I'm all for it. Keep it coming.

burgerman2493d ago

That^ right there perfectly shows media ignorance and you're avoiding my statement. I never said I was against discounts.

He also put up a VIDEO. I don't need more hand holding.

maawdawg2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Maybe you don't burgerman but some people might like a reminder, or just check here since steam is bombarded and has connection problems when the sale first hits. Even to have a place for people to recommend games on sale it makes sense.

Feel free not to click the stories if you don't want to read them or don't need them though, there is always that option, rather than whining about them not being productive or useful.

What % of stories on N4G are anyway?

burgerman2493d ago

Finally someone that takes a side instead of "disagreeing" and running off to lala land as if that made a difference.

There was a reminder for four days so far. Do we really need another for every single day? No. Steam hasn't had any problems the last two days.

There are Steam forums to recommend games.

"Feel free not to click.." This is spam.

How is whining about spam a bad thing? Do you have a problem against whistle blowers?

If I could be productive or useful, this terribly named site/blog should do some actual work and write about how this effects indie developers if it effects them at all.

It's pretty sad when someone weeds out spam and predictability they get roasted for it. I have a good feeling there's a ring of users for this particular site and you're among them.

maawdawg2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

So because you personally think this gaming news site shouldn't be used to post news about sales or discuss game recommendations, and the Steam forum has a thread discussing similar things this is spam and can't be useful for anyone?

If it was in any way an article about indie developers then maybe they would write about their or interview indie devs about it. You seem to be looking/wishing for something completely unrelated to what it even says it provides and getting upset that it isn't there. That is like me clicking on a Battlefield patch post and complaining because it doesn't ask any indie devs what they think about it. That isn't the intent of the story, it is a news/information post not an opinion piece or interview article.

Just because you are of the OPINION that you don't want updates on the Steam sales it doesn't make it not news. It does not make it useless to everyone. It does not make it spam. It just means it isn't to your taste or needs. I am sure some people got info from the story (I did), not everything here will be for everyone but that doesn't mean it isn't for anyone.

Lastly, and most laughably, you are a whistleblower and I am part of a spam conspiracy group on this site because I don't agree with you whether an article is worthless?

burgerman2493d ago

Way to repeat everything I just said with a question mark after it.

maawdawg2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

How many ways am I supposed to figure out to try to explain that your OPINION that this information isn't useful doesn't make it so for everyone and just because information is somewhere else on the web doesn't mean it can't be here too.

I am just going to ignore you now so when I check tomorrow's Steam Sale news post to find out the deals and discuss what is there I don't have to waste my time reading stuff like this again.

Stop considering yourself a righteous whistleblower and everyone who doesn't agree with you part of a conspiracy, it is ridiculous.

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Johandevries2493d ago

Guess I am gonna buy Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

Dragon Rising was really bad, but I need a change from the uberseriousness of ArmA II

Silent Hill: Homecoming was OK, nothing more, but for this price you could check it out

StayStatic2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Already got "Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga" free via the gift pile event :D

Other than that nothing stands out for me personally.


Just got F1 2011 and batman A C. 50 bucks Nice.

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