5 Must-Have Kinect Titles...That Aren’t Dance Central

Original Gamer: "It’s been one year since the Kinect made its debut, and it has been a really tough year for it. With nothing but fitness games, casual shovelware, and one good dance game released, gamers were ready to kill off the Kinect and be done with it before 2010 was over with. 2011 saw some really great and intuitive uses for the Kinect that developers had come up with or improved on. Yes, there was still a bunch of shovelware out there, but these games might convince you that motion gaming isn’t all that bad."

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zeal0us2544d ago

Fruit Ninja is fun but over it gets boring and your arm gets tire and quick.

Digibull2544d ago

The Gunstringer gave me the worst muscle cramps in my arm. Great concept, just was not for me.