The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim - Acceleration Layer offers CPU optimization;up to 40% performance boost

DSOGaming writes: "God, I love modders. I'm pretty sure that everyone has noticed slowdowns when entering Skyrim's cities and where there are a lot of NPC's. Have you ever wondered what was the culprit and caused that performance hit? Apparently, it was due to un-optimization as modder Arisu released a mod - that is currently compatible only with the 1.3.10 version of Skyrim - that offers up to 40% performance boost on both high-end and low-end machines. And get this right; it really does work. So yeah, this is a must-have mod for every Skyrim player."

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SP3333D-O2544d ago

Wow, I hope this is true! Wonder if a patch incorporating these changes would help the consolers, too.

SuperStrokey11232544d ago

If this is true its amazing...

pandehz2544d ago

Big thx.

Modders have helped improve so many games in the past decade.

To name a few:

Many Bethesda games.
Gothic 3
Crysis 1
Jedi Knight series
and so many more

Instead of developers hiring them, Steam should hire them and pay them big to fix games which have major problems in the Steam library.

StayStatic2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

That would be epic and perfect for the steam workshop valve is promoting.

Seems to be only Team Fortress 2 so far and soon Skyrim :)

LightofDarkness2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Or we could stop buying broken games on release like Pavlovian morons. That would only encourage even greater lack of QC on the developers' end. Something this simple goes to show the lack of attention and care over at Bethesda, this is one of the most basic and elementary things that any large application developer would do during the optimization phase, and Bethesda didn't do it. That means either:

A) they're a team comprised almost entirely of amateurs and their release engineer has been in the business for 5 minutes


B) They didn't bother with optimization because "f**k PC gamers, they'll buy it anyway and modders can fix it later, we want money now."

I'm going to go with B.

Modders shouldn't have to be wasting time on things like this. They shouldn't have to be the ones doing performance optimization and enhancing the visuals for machines that existed before the game actually launched. Modders should be free to simply make gameplay mods and extra content, like they used to. But no, now it seems their job is QA because the developers can't be bothered.

bobrea2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I have skyrim on PC and I've barely seen any glitches. Stop acting like the game is broken to the point of unplayable. A huge game like that will have some bugs here and there, but most people are willing to look past them for an awesome game. And guess what, douchebag? They don't even have to make it possible to mod their game, but they do, so how about a little gratitude. And like you said, if it bothers you that much, nobody is forcing you to buy it, but most people are ok with some bugs if the overall package is as great as skyrim is. And if a mod makes the game perform better,then great. And again, if you don't like that modders are making performance mods because you think they should be doing something else, shut up and don't use them.

LightofDarkness2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Hey bobrea, please remove the tampon from your a** and place it where it belongs. Looks like you're today's winner for "loudest answer to a question nobody asked." I particularly admire your inability to express a difference of opinion (or some sort of off-the-wall response to something nobody said) without insulting people, bravo.

Did I mention glitches? Bugs? "Broken to the point of unplayable?" Nope.

I'm not talking about bugs. It seems like you didn't read the article, and that you speak of things that you clearly don't understand (equating a complete lack of performance optimization with "glitches" or bugs). The problem is that they clearly spent all of 5 minutes optimizing the game for the PC. The menu system was clearly designed with a controller in mind and only really thought about making it work well with the mouse, ie. it didn't really work. The mouse's y axis sensitivity would scale with the framerate somehow in-game. The game's textures look like dirty dishwater up close (and at a medium-long distance). The game has poor performance despite not being a very demanding game; it is locked to run on two cores and under 2GB of RAM (a baffling issue). The game wouldn't start on the first run for many players because they had an audio sample rate setting above 44.1 khz (again, completely foolish omission). The game apparently had a number of issues with ATI cards, which should have been picked up at least once during testing (if they'd bothered to test it with an ATI card at all). The FOV was quite low and mouse smoothing/acceleration is enabled by default. I could go on for a while.

The point is, when I pay 49.99 for a PC game, I expect the game to be made for the PC, not merely playable on PC. It is clear that they did not bother at all to test this game on PC before release, they made sure it started up on one or two PCs and sent it out to paying customers. Is that how you like to be treated? Because I can tell you, you do not speak for me. I see standards in PC games slipping and all you want to do is give greedy publishers more excuses and free passes. So here's a better idea: if you're happy getting half-assed ports, fine. But if other people are concerned and would like to see better release standards applied to games, how about YOU shut up and sit the hell down, it's not like what we're saying effects you anyway.

kaveti66162544d ago

"Modders shouldn't have to be wasting time on things like this."

Modders love modding.

And you're being marked down for your personal attack on bobrea

LightofDarkness2544d ago

"And guess what, douchebag?"

Guess you only see what you want to see, eh kaveti? If you mark me down, so too must you mark him down.

kaveti66162544d ago

Yeah, I marked both of you down.

I missed his comment.

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john22544d ago

Yeah. Modders are a big help when it comes to PC games

Bolts2544d ago

If the PS3 support mods then file size bug would be fixed by now.

Oldman1002544d ago

Bethesda should be ashamed.

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