Top 10 Upcoming Action Games In 2012

Reith writes: " It seems like I’m constantly giving out chocolates, socks and other such gifts to absent friends and distant relatives, when all I really want to do is give them a really hard kick in the head. The cure for rage such as this is a good solid action game so, if you’re as pent up and aggressive as myself, here are the games that will be your lifelines over the course of 2012."

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MizTv2491d ago

the new graw is up there for me!!

Lord_Sloth2491d ago

6 Shooters in a list of 10 action games and no mention of Ninja Gaiden.

*rubs forehead*

Matrix2k2491d ago

i am not looking forward to any of those aside from bioshock infinite because quite frankly they all look the same but at least bioshock will have atmosphere

SquidBuck2491d ago

God of War 4 is going to be the GREATEST action game ever made, deal with it.

2491d ago
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