How Beenox is Ruining The Amazing Spider-Man

Pixels or Death breaks down the reveal trailer for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, and are less than thrilled by what they see:

"Traditional games and the forsaking of innovation is what the video game industry thrives on, so bringing Spider-Man back to the unusually clean streets of Manhattan should be welcomed by everyone with two thumbs and the fear of a machine uprising. Forget all about those complaints of repetitive play and praise for breaking Spidey out of his shell with the last two Beenox Spider-Man titles. People clearly crave three hit combos and throwing bad guys into other bad guys!"

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Venox20082589d ago

Amazing Spiderman has a chance to be good, I hope Beenox learned their mistake from Edge of time

isarai2589d ago

LOL the only thing we've seen was a teaser. and from that you can tell they're ruining the game?

cyguration2589d ago

It looks really mediocre to be honest. Not terrible but certainly not a $60 worthy game. Probably maybe $40, if that.

I know a lot of gamers blindly follow their Publishing Masters and always use the line "You haven't played it yet, so you can't say" but seriously if you watch a gameplay trailer you pretty much get a perfect idea of what to expect.

I mean, did the Uncharted 3 video trailers lie? It looked like an awesome game, thus it was an awesome game.

Did those boring BodyCount videos lie? It looked like a generic run-and-gun shooter and it was a generic run-and-gun shooter.

The only time it's necessary to wait and see what a game is like is when you honestly can't tell what the game is like (i.e., Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Shadow of the Colossus, Mass Effect, etc.)

Most generic games that look generic are generic.

WhiteLightning2589d ago

The Amazing Spiderman will suck, people will want to have faith but sorry after the last Spiderman games......I just give uo

Plus the fact it's a sort of movie tie in and it's also made by will be average at best