Real Otaku Gamer --- ECA Voice of A Gamer — Featuring Venomousfatman

The Entertainment Consumers Association ( or commonly known as the ECA) is the non-profit membership organization that represents consumers of interactive entertainment in the US and Canada. They are people who have come together to help gamers stay informed about rising issues within the industry, as well as the various communities throughout the internet. One of the many things they do for us is host various podcast that help inform and educate gamers out there, old and new. Their Community Manager Joe Betancourt host many podcast on there, one of which is called Voice of a Gamer. It is a small show where individuals can have the opportunity to talk about their experience and interaction with Video games, the industry, and how it has impacted or influenced their life. On one of their episodes, I was given the chance to shine and talk a bit about how video games were a part of my life, as well as share a few thoughts on the industry and past time we all love. Click the link below to listen to the MP3, you can also find it and all the other episodes of Voice of a Gamer on iTunes via the link below the MP3.

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