The top 25 games of 2011

The Globe and Mail names some of the best games of year, with picks ranging from console heavyweights (Skyrim) to PC indies (The Binding of Isaac) to artsy and experimental iOS exclusives (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP).

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Venox20082495d ago

there are some good games...

list needs: Shadows of the damned

Nerdmaster2495d ago

Dragon Age 2? I can't believe how many lists of best games it's in. Critics say "if it wasn't the sequel to Origins, people would love it". Well, I have friends who never played Origins and none of them liked DA2. It's just not a good game.

"A role-playing game in the truest sense"? If it's true, then I just found out that I hate RPGs.