Radeon 7970 Round-Up; AMD is back with a punch

DSOGaming writes: "And it’s finally been revealed. AMD’s latest high-end GPU model that is based on the ‘Tahiti’ chip has just been unveiled and it’s the fastest single-GPU card on the market. Which was to be expected but what are the performance gains that PC gamers can expect from it? According to the earlier leaks, Radeon 7970 was expected to be 60% faster than Nvidia’s GTX580. Sadly though, the card is not that much faster. There are cases where the gap between these two cards is almost around 50% and it’s definitely the faster single-GPU, but it’s nowhere as fast as we wished. Oh, and the card can’t touch Nvidia’s dual-chip offer, the GTX590, despite earlier rumors suggesting that it would be almost on-par with it."

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NYC_Gamer2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

any video reviews?amd has the fastest single gpu on the market for now...

Jamaicangmr2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

GPU wars are getting hot again.

papashango2496d ago

Faster than the 580?. Please be 300ish

I'm extremely interested now

SnakeCQC2496d ago

the card is going to over between 400-450 pounds

john22496d ago

Estimated price is 499 euros/ $549 USD

ProjectVulcan2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I pegged it at about 20 percent faster than GTX580, and it looks like i was pretty much on the money. Its around 20-25 percent faster for 1920 x 1200. It wins by a little more @ 2560 x 1600, most likely partway because of the memory involved so against the GTX580 3GB version its probably the same gap.

Lost planet 2 is an interesting result, 7970 appears to maintain its 20 percent lead over GTX580. This would mean the new architecture has pretty good tesselation performance at least as good as Fermi also backed up by the tesselation benchmarks. Although i expect kepler to do even better.

This is pretty good performance, and will remain the fastest single GPU card for at least 4 or 5 months. Its the exact leap i predicted over the old Nvidia architecture. I fully expect Nvidia to respond with some very fast parts in the summer of 2012 so while this is the top card then AMD will make the most of it.

I like the concept of powertune AMD have but dislike the implementation on the existing Radeons and also i do not like the idea of that 6+8 pin power either when the card actually has peak consumption virtually the same as 6970.

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SnakeCQC2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

please amd make some sort of 3d visiom type stuff tridef and 1z3d SUUUUUCK or atleast let your people make software that will let amd users use 3d vision

SnakeCQC2496d ago

don't you need iz3d or tridef? all of which only support mainly dx9 games and for glasses you need to rely on the ones that came with the monitor if your 3d monitor didn't come with one well you're screwed. ohh and like the only two monitors that are amd approved are the samsung s27a950 and s27a750(uber glossy screens) which come with bluetooth glasses that require a non rechargeable battery which lasts 10 hours

MAJ0R2496d ago

and their drivers still suck

kmanmx2496d ago

That maybe so but my nvidia driver for the 560Ti crashes every other day and black screens, takes a few seconds for it to restart.

Its annoying as heck.

C_Menz2496d ago

If your 560ti crashes daily then there is something wrong with your GPU, driver, or some other issue. Might want to diagnose the problem or send your 560ti back for a new one.

I have 2x evga 560ti and have almost no issues. Only problem I have is BF3 crashing once every 10 or so matches, but that is more BF3 than the graphics cards.

papashango2496d ago

That's funny I have a few 570 owners always complaining about ctds, driver stopped working problems and I've never seen that message since my hd3870 days

HammockGames2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

@ kmanmx

Are you using a beta driver? Or is your card OC'd?

On occasion those can lead to some issues, so just askin'.

john22496d ago

To be honest, when I used my beloved Radeon 9800Pro (yeah, it's been a while since then :P ) I hadn't encountered any major issues. Well, apart from the OpenGL games but there are not that many nowadays.

To be honest, I'm more annoyed that a lot of games are not 'SLI approved' and that Nvidia doesn't include the SLI profiles prior the games' release. Trine 2 (you had to manually enable SLI by selecting AFR2) and WRC2011 are two of them and Red Faction: Armageddon doesn't have any SLI profile as of yet (partially, Volition is also to blame for this)

dirthurts2496d ago

I've been using AMD cards for about 5 years straight now. The drivers don't suck.
Sure, there are occasional issues, but Nvidia has them as well. Both manufacturers are great companies, and have great drivers.

Farsendor12496d ago

and why do people say their drivers suck i have had my 6970s since launch and i have had no trouble out of them except for things that happen on my end.

maybe they don't come out with as many new drivers as nvidia but i have always been able to play every game at ultra settings except for batman and thats a development problem that needs to be patch.

papashango2496d ago

Ya same I've never had a single issue with my 6970

AKS2496d ago

To me, a more accurate way to describe the driver situation with AMD is that they are rather slow with the planning and getting things ready by the launch of big games.

I have two 6950s in Crossfire, and they have Skyrim, BF3, and RAGE all running smoothly now, but at the launch of each of those games they ran like crap on my setup. I actually got NEGATIVE scaling in Skyrim at first. RAGE didn't support CF at all until it was updated (now it works beautifully). How can you be that LTTP on some of the biggest games of they year?

I love my cards (absolutely savage performance for $450 to $500), but AMD could put a bit more effort into making sure these big games run properly when they hit the market. It's not like it's an isolated incident. The last 4 PC games I've bought (BF3, RAGE, Skyrim, and Arkham City) have had driver issues, especially CF issues. They've resolved many of those issues since then, especially regarding Skyrim, which is running silky smooth at max with forced Catalyst settings, but I'd like to see less rocky starts when new games are released.

parasit32496d ago

PC FTW, adding to the multiplier of more times better graphics than consoles!

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