Are gamers becoming dis-Kinected?

Console Domination writes: I have been a Kinect supporter since it was announced. I believe in the idea and see promise in it's future. I've purchased many of the games and overall, I have a good view of the product. I knew what I was getting into when I purchased it, being an early adapter and all. But even I have my limits...

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sarshelyam2495d ago

I have to agree with most of this article. Our library of Kinect games is extensive enough that we've tried all of the major releases and genres. Sesame Street's Once Upon A Monster, Dance Central...some of the best experiences for the device, but certainly not for everyone.

Then you have games like Gunstringer. It appears to be a great looking game, plenty of style, and a unique use of motion control. That is until 5 minutes in when you realize how exhausting it is holding your hand up like you're maneuvering an invisible marionette. It's incredibly exhausting!

Moreover, Microsoft still hasn't addressed the bugs with height detection. How am I supposed to explain to my 5-year old son, that we can't play together because the Kinect can't handle drastic height differences on some games...the games he wants to play? Kinect Adventure? Well, we can play for a maximum of about a minute and a half before the Kinect begins to have a difficult time reading him, his avatar starts to freak out, and ultimately it just kicks him off. It's almost as if it it's telling us "Whoah, whoah, whoah! I can't handle this $#!T...kicking the kid off in T-minus NOW!"

The idea is great, but I can't help but think I had less frustrating experiences with the controller free gamplay on my PlayStation 2, with the EyeToy! To think, that was a rudimentary and entry-level use of motion control by Sony, and it stands the test of time.

I'll also agree on this articles point that it seems Microsoft's interest is in market share gain through Kinect software, interesting software or otherwise, at the cost of truly concentrating on quality First Party releases.

StrongMan2495d ago

Agreed on all points. I would like to add that I think it is now safe to say that you can't have a true "core" gaming experience without buttons. The so called "core" Kinect games proved this. I'm looking at you Rise of Nightmares. It boggles my mind how the upcoming Steel Battalion, which the original required a 140 button controller, will now be played with no buttons at all. I think people are "kis-Kinected". The first wave of Kinect games sold great but look at this year's wave of Kinect games sales and you will see a HUGE drop off. That says a lot.

sarshelyam2495d ago

I think it's also interesting to note the data on sales for both Sony and Microsoft. While Sony regularly sells Move accessories at a relatively modest rate, year-round, Microsoft sees HUGE spikes during the holiday, dropping sharply afterwards. That should tell you who is buying these devices, and it certainly isn't the average gamer.

StrongMan2494d ago

That's another great point. That's also a testament to MS's advertising dollars.

EVILDEAD3602494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

At this point it's almost laughable at some of the criticism that Kinect gets at this point.

Look we get it, the fan blogger uses ANYTHING that Kinect does and essentially downplays it to make whatever point he's trying to make. Hey it's HIS opinion..

As for me I loved the Kinect relesses this year..

Kinect Sports: Second Season, Dance Central 2, GunSlinger, Fitness Evolved 2012, Child of Eden, Motion Sports; Adrenaline etc.

Xbox Live w/ arcade games like Fruit Ninja Kinect and the apps on Kinect Fun Labs

The kid games simply can't be touched Disney, Sesame Street, and Kinectimals are priceless if you have younger kids.

2012 looks even better for Kinect

Fable: The Journey, Project Draco, Steel Batallion..

EA Sports is implementing Kinect control into ALL of it's major sports titles..Madden, Fifa, Tiger Woods

Kinect implementation into HUGE titles like Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon.

At the end of the day, if you don't like Kinect, you don't have to own it or use it to enjoy your 360. It's always been completely optional.

The silliest argument is that because of the success of Kinect, somehow Microsoft has left the hardcore. But, take off the fan goggles and you will see that EVERY hardcore 360 franchise still gets released year in and year out.


Biggest2494d ago

"But, take off the fan goggles and you will see that EVERY hardcore 360 franchise still gets released year in and year out."

Awesome point! All four of them get released year in and year out. That's like a new game every season! Enjoy your Kinect, EVILDEAD360! Can't wait to see you in the next PS3 article complaining about how Sony fans defend Uncharted 3, which according to you is not perfect and needs to be trashed at every turn.

Jdrm032494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


Firstly, I would say read my comment at the bottom.

Next, the *Core* kinect games coming out next year are not going to be well received, just like every so called *core* kinect game has thus far. Lionhead already received a ton of negative feed back because of Fable: Journey, Project Draco is on rails, and well I hope Steel battalion turns out well, nobody should have high hopes.

The argument that Microsoft has abandoned the core gamer is a valid one because in some ways they have.

There true hard hitters for 2012 are Halo 4 and Alan Wake. That's about it. After nearly a 12 month drought of exclusive games from Nov 2010 to Sept 2011 Microsoft only has Halo 4 and Alan Wake to give to it's Core gamer fanbase in which more likely then not, 2012 being the 360's last hoorah? How can you criticize people for feeling a bit abandoned?

Microsoft owns so many franchises, but rely on Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza? If they want to attract a younger crowd why not make a new Banjo Kazooie Platformer to go against Mario? If they wan't a flight combat title they have Crimson Skies.

They own the MechAssault AND Mechwarrior series but just sit on them and do nothing with them? If they would put the effort in, they could revive Perfect Dark and quite possibly build that game to the level of recognition that Halo gets.

Microsoft has a ton of IPs they could take advantage of, but only focus on four and buy some temporary dlc and call it a day....

That's why core gamers have felt abandoned by Microsoft because in some ways, we have been and this is coming from somebody that bought an xbox at launch, bought a 360 at launch and has been a xbl subscriber since launch....

Computersaysno2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Kinect has been nothing but disappointment for me from the get go. Microsoft have not delivered what they promised they would with this and it has been over a year to at least see something close to a 'killer app' - but the fact is, there are none.

For the cost of the thing and the amount of PR dollars shoved into it telling us how fantastically new these experiences are and how it will extend the life of the machine....after a year of this with no worthwhile exclusive quality core games i have come to the conclusion this is a bunch of bollox.

Microsoft's intentions from dot seem to haul in the casuals, trick core gamers into thinking it will be brilliant for their fave games like Halo or Forza and keep up this rhetoric for as long as possible. Personally i have had enough.

Rainstorm812494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Well said JDRM....sometimes people need to lower their loyalty flags, and see the BS for what it is.

After two E3 with a heavy focus on Kinect the truth should be clear to most, MS had a great library of exclusives on the Xbox, and started expanding on that with the 360 ... up until the Wii phenomenon began now MS pulled a complete 180.

If you only play multiplats then yes it doesnt really affect you, but xbox360 fanatics shouldnt bash the PS3 when Sony is one of the only companies still catering to the Hardcore Gamer.

I swear the Angry Birds/Wii Sports generation is starting to affect all of gaming

The advertising powerhouse that MS is they could really push new experiences in new IPs, But instead i see a million Kinect ads and and a Kinect float in the Rose Bowl parade.... I really cant wait to see what they are planning with the "next-Xbox" because im concerned

EVILDEAD3602494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

'Can't wait to see you in the next PS3 article complaining about how Sony fans defend Uncharted 3, which according to you is not perfect and needs to be trashed at every turn.'

@ Biggest

Try AGAIN next time tell the TRUTH..Find ONE time where I have said that Uncharted 3 needs to be trashed at every turn.

But, the TRUTH is I've been playing the game since LAUNCH and I'm one of the only ones telling people on this site that Uncharted 3 is PHENOMINAL on the $500 Sony #DTV I bought

LOL @ these trolls having to create fantasy arguments because they can't counter anything you say without negativity.

@ Jrdm03

'Next, the *Core* kinect games coming out next year are not going to be well received, just like every so called *core* kinect game has thus far. Lionhead already received a ton of negative feed back because of Fable: Journey, Project Draco is on rails, and well I hope Steel battalion turns out well, nobody should have high hopes.'

So basically what you have proven is the hypocrisy of the arguments against Kinect.

They launch Kinect with genres of games that have been proven successful on the Wii.

The response from the detractors was it has no 'core' games.

Micrsoft is starting to release games that appeal more to core audiences and the hater now it's 'bu-but it on rails' or 'it won't sell' or 'don't get excited because it probably won't be good'.

Bottomline, like it or not Micrsoft WILL release these games and if people enjoy the titles then that's all that matters.

It's been the same story from the detractors day in and day out.

Before Kinect launched the haters said it was Dead on Arrival.

It's clearly been a huge success for Micrsoft, but everytime they show support and market games for it the haters pretend that 'OMG Micrsoft's ONLY focus is on Kinect and have abandoned the hardcore.

Again, complete internet ducktales..Just like the PS3 and Wii..Micrsoft has released the core franchises that it's install base have continued to support since day one of this gen.

@ Sarshelym (below)

Lighten up..I put MY comment in the wrong place..period.


2494d ago
EVILDEAD3602494d ago

@ JMdrm03 or is it Jmdrm14?

LMFAO @ having to create a multi-account 35 minutes ago just repeat yourself over and over.

We get the whole Anti-Kinect/Anti-360 rant thing.

But, just like always, many of these arguments can be used against Sony and Nintendo as well. The hypocrisy comes when you see the usual suspect pretend that somehow it ONLY applies to Kinect or the 360.

I've already replied below to the same quotes from one of your accounts. But I will easily reply to this.

If you talk positively about 360 sales then people say you cant play sales. If you use VG charz then that is forbidden.

This guy not only is playing sales in his argument against Kinect, he is using VG Chartz.

His weakest argument against Kinect is to say that because DC 2 and K. Sports 2 are not at a million less than two month after they are released that 'OMG OMG..Kinect is a FAILURE!

LOL..First off..the holiday numbers havent even come in (even for VGC) But the fact that these two titles are pushing a million PRIOR to holiday numbers pretty much tells the story. (Hint: they are going to break a million EASILY.

Secondly, to pretend that these two Kinect sequels are the ONLY games that have not sold as much as their predecessor is absolutely silly. Do we really have to list EVERY game SEQUEL THIS YEAR that have not sold as high as their previous release to easily prove this point?

'The two core titles release this year for Kinect. Rise of Nightmares sold 220,000....Gunstringer sold 260,000'

LMAO @ ANYONE pretending that Sega's 'Rise of the Nightmares' and 'Gunslinger' supposedly the biggest titles for Kinect. Hint..they werent. I could easily point out titles that didn't sell for Move or Nintendo and make the same claim.

Just like Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft release their most successful franchise that the CORE install base love the most. Sales and Xbox live numbers clearly show the games the 360 core love.

Top 5 Majors..Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, and Mass Effect (which only went multi this year)

Just look at the last TWO years..

In 2010 Micrsoft released Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Fable 3.

In 2010 they also supplemented the majors with releases of Alan Wake, Crackdown 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction.

Lastly at the end of 2010, they successfully released Kinect with K. Sports and DC dominating the list.

This year, Gears of War 3 was pushed back from it's original March date to September.

Instead of replacing Gears, Micrsoft used Bulletstorm to promote the successful Gear 3 beta in the summer.

After Alan Wake got swallowed up by Red Dead Redemption in 2010, Micrsoft passed on competing with another high profile exclusive against the likes of La. Noire.

This strategy worked as Gear of War 3 dominated at retail as the highest selling exclusive in 2011. Forza 4 got great critical reception and 343 blessed hardcore Halo fans with Anniversary.
Micrrsoft grew the Kinect content and capitalized on the success of Ksports and DC releasing their sequels.

Micrsoft has also successfully positioned Xbox live and the biggest game this gen Call of Duty to leverage game sales.

At the end of the day, Microsoft is pushing year 7 and having it's best year in history.

E3 will obviously be the debut announcment of 720 and Halo 4 will be this generations swan song.

IMO Micrsoft played their cards perfectly. The numbers don't lie.


Hicken2494d ago

Man, you're trying so hard, but these people are Kinect owners and 360 lovers who don't like things. Though I try to be objective, I can somewhat understand you calling my opinion into question since I don't have Kinect or 360.

But these people who HAVE the things and are providing facts? Are they "PS3 fanboys" too? Are they just hating for the sake of hating? Is it incomprehensible to you that the core gaming crowd has NOT embraced Kinect because it has done so little to endear itself to them?

Rainstorm812494d ago

@ EvilDead

Yea you are really reaching, im a 360 owner and my gripe with Kinect is that MS focuses on it more than creating new IPs or focusing on core games in general.

Clearly anything said as a negative against Kinect is someone hating in your eyes. At the same time Move or Wii didnt wow me so do i also hate Sony and Nintendo as well?

Fact of the matter is as you pointed out with bulletstorm, MS will whole heatedly push multiplats as exclusives so they can focus on kinect only, which is a great disservice to the fans that supported the 360 as the top hardcore system.

Besides when you come off as an advetisement for Kinect, it doesnt help the point , if you actually enjoyed damn near every game that was released for Kinect.... Then you will never see eye to eye with most here because that not what appeals to most gamers.

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EVILDEAD3602494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


sarshelyam2494d ago

Is it really? I'm commenting on the article as it relates to my perceptions of the accessory I own, so I fail to see how this comment is misplaced.

Sorry my subjective stance doesn't hump yours, but it's a reality you can't ignore.

vikingland12495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Good headline. I must ask as a couner point are gamers becoming un-moved . Ha I thought that was clever. Back to the topic I think MS definately needs to intergrate the controller into more Kinect games to get mainstream gamers interested.

Godmars2902495d ago

Why should they? Sony's only ever promoted Move as a control option that has a few of its own games. Kinect is suppose to be the future.

DigitalRaptor2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

This is what I've been telling people but it seems they just won't have it. Sony has delivered what they set out to with Move, at least that's what I gathered from their PR, ads and announcements.

Microsoft has promoted Kinect as the most important revolution in gaming, in every aspect, and whether you agree with them or not, they promised much more than they have delivered. Remember Natal?

So for all the stick and accusations that Move gets for "having no games" or being a "flop", I think Kinect deserves every bit of criticism it gets too. Probably more, since its games that would and should interest a gamer like myself pretty much suck. As a device for core games it really hasn't delivered, and I don't think core gamers will ever be satisfied.

sarshelyam2495d ago

Definitely not "un-Moved" Little Big Planet's implementation, while optional, is fun...and opens the game to an even younger audience for reasons I don't feel like elaborating on.

I also had the opportunity to play through Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Resistance 3 entirely using a Sharpshooter and PlayStation Move and I never once felt like I had a lack of control, or missed some imaginary precision that a controller offers.

The key point, however, is what Godmars290 pointed out. Sony has never marketed the Move as the wave of the future, or a requirement to gaming. It's always been an option, an arguably enjoyable one, but an option nonetheless.

rmedtx2495d ago

"none of the PS3's big hitters did anything for me this year"
Obviously he didn't play them.

Jdrm032494d ago

People are allowed to have opinions homie.

The only ps3 exclusives I enjoyed this year were uncharted 3 and inFamous 2.

360 exclusive I only enjoy was Halo CEA.

Rest of my games this year were multiplatform.

mendicant2494d ago

Obviously you're an ignorant child who hasn't realized that the world is full of people who won't agree with you.

You and the five people who agreed with you are tools.

Shadonic2494d ago

I say microsft should just allow indie developers to upload their own version of kinect games onto the gaming marketplace. There moveing towards something with that contest that gives 10 people 20,000 bucks with free equipment to do something awesome with kinect. I also belive that they should try to take somt pointers from the kinectfaast youtube user hes already made kinect look good with Skyrim and bulletstorm both which are first person and allow for free movement and shooting. After seeing his vids I kind of noticed that on the PC front their the top producers when it comes to kinect but microsoft is kind of slow on the uptake.If Microsoft could get the developers to add a 360 version of the kinectFaast program to the previous and future games that coudl add some more games to the kinect library There were 2 kinect games that i really wanted to get this year though kung fu high impact and power up heroes one used to be on the eyetoy the other is good but gets bad rep for controllers not working but after looking at different playthroughs of the game the main problems are people not doing the correct gestures.

Jdrm032494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Great article.

The problem with Kinect is it just doesn't work for gaming. People can argue all they want about it, but it just doesn't work. Microsoft either needs to release a two piece controller admitting that they were wrong about their "you are the controller" campaign or just move kinect to more of a consumer product then gaming peripheral.

As a media controller, that's a whole different story and I think it works great. I like the voice recognition and being able to tell my xbox what to do. If you review sales of kinect games that were released during the fall/winter, you will find that the majority of kinect owners did not buy it for gaming...

Dance central 2 has sold roughly 800,000 copies. Disneyland Adventures has sold roughly 350,000 copies...Kinect sports season 2 sold under a million copies. Kinectimals Now with Bears only sold roughly 80,000 copies....there are 14 million kinects roughly in households around the world...those software sales are pitiful to say the least.

I think this should be an immediate red-flag to anybody that Kinect, as a gaming peripheral, is not well received...You can already tell that Microsoft has taken some notice because their kinect focus these last 6 months has switched from games to more of a consumer media control product...integration into netflix, the entire dashboard, the rumors that they were making deals with cable companies, kinect integration coming to televisions, kinect for pc and of course the consumer kinect dev kit launching in Feb. etc etc.

There is just more money to be made from kinect as a consumer product then a gaming peripheral, but that is just my two cents.

EVILDEAD3602494d ago

LMAO @ so much fail in this Anti-kinect rhetoric..

I love how people who don't own Kinect make ignorant claims that 'it doesnt work for gaming'

Kinect works PERFECTLY for games that cater to it's strengths. But, it simply isn't going to be as effective with ALL types of games.

Kinect never was promoted as or HAS to be the end all for ALL types of devices. We obviously use the 360 controller for Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Skyrim. But, the 360 controller can't emulate the experience of playing Kinect Sports, Dance Central, or Fitness Evolved.

LOL @ trying to to downplay Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports 2 by using VG Charts numbers. Both games a clearly on track to sell over a well over a million by January. In fact, come back next December, look at the 1 year sales of BOTH games and pretend that they are still even close to 800,000 sold.

This is my favorite statement..

'there are 14 million kinects roughly in households around the world...those software sales are pitiful to say the least'

There are at least 8 million Moves in households, how come NONE of those games sell even close to what the best Kinect games have sold..does that mean those sales are pitiful to say the least.

There a over 50 million PS3s in households worldwide so if Dance Central 2 which you just criticized for sales outsells Resistance 3 or some other well known PS3 exclusive does that mean that those titles' sales are 'pitiful' as well?

According to YOU..YES THEY ARE..

See how hypocrtiical it is to make sweeping statements that do not even come close to proving your theory.

'If you review sales of kinect games that were released during the fall/winter, you will find that the majority of kinect owners did not buy it for gaming'

Again, another silly statement. If that true if you review sales of the PS3 software, does that mean that a majority of PS3 owners bought it for the Blu Ray and not for gaming?

According to YOU..Yes they did

Lastly, you must have been living under a rock to pretend that in the last 6 months Kinect's focus has switched to a consumer media control product.

Micrsoft has promoted Kinects dashboard and media features since DAY ONE. From the first commercial, from the fisrt E3 press conference through now.

Microsft has positioned Kinect as a family oriented device from it's inception. This rebranding has clearly been the reason for the 360's hardware sales resurgance since Kinect has been on the market.

Black Friday proved how much demand there is for Kinect and when the smoke clears this holiday will be another successful year for Micrsoft.

Kinect is obviously a great product to promote to parents and license like Sesame Street, Disneyland, and next years Pixar title obviously make sense.

Hybrid games also make sense and only fan kids will whine 'bu-bu-but that means You are NOT the controller' ( you see how silly that sounds?)
But, the fact is Micrsoft has already wisely rebranded these titles as 'Better with Kinect'.

At the end of the day, as a motion control device Kinect is doing exactly what Micrsoft intended it to do. The detractors can pretend it isn't successful and that it's not 'well received' but the numbers don't lie.

If Kinect really did suck as much as the haters pretend then it would have done Tony Hawk Ride numbers instead of helping Micrsoft gain on the casual console market clearly owned by Nintendo.

Just my two cents


2494d ago
Shadonic2494d ago

1st. compare those sales to move sales i just want to see I mean their doing better than Dragon ball Z ultimate Tenkaichi.

2nd. Kinect is for gaming its just that people like you are so trapped in their playstation homes to pop open youtube and search up kinect hacks or mods instead of kinect fails.

3rd. 14 Million kinects with each costing about 150 bucks plus the addition of bundles of about 500 bucks. Your insane if you think that's pitiful if that's pitiful than whats good to you a billion ?

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