2011: A Year of Great Games, Glitches, and More Great Games

Volatile Modes takes a look back at the games from January through April.


I should clarify that this is only part one. I'm recounting every major release through an ongoing series.

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Matrix2k2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

great games? More like generic games with no creativity or originality

Bioware (mentioned in the article) is really one of the sad stories of this gen. They sold out, got bought out by EA. And now they do this mainstream westernized shit, that hardly passes as rpgs anymore.

Filthcardia2492d ago

The "great games" part is the name of the ongoing series I'm doing, actually. It is more directed at the latter half of the year, but if you believe game reviewers know what they are talking about, this year is one of the best on record for outstanding releases. Just out of the few I mentioned, 80% of those average 8.5 or higher on Metacritic and an average score of that caliber is sensational.