IGN - SSX is Trying to Kill You (In a Good Way)

IGN - Remember how fun and carefree SSX was? It was simultaneously a better snowboard sim than Amped, and a better cartoon than Snowboard Kids. But much like Pet Semetary's Miko Hughes, raised from the dead by the forces of a cat graveyard, SSX is not the game you remember. It's darker, more twisted... Maybe evil? But that's what makes it so exciting.

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FragMnTagM2588d ago

I, like nearly everyone else, was concerned that this game would be dumb with the seemingly new direction they were taking the game.

I must say, I am now really excited for this title now. After watching that newest gameplay trailer provided within this article, it seems that they have listened to their fans.

I played this series of games on the PS2 more than any other game on the PS2, except for maybe GTA: SA.

I really hope this game lives up to and surpasses it's predecessors.