Move Street Cricket for PS3

A Street Cricket game for PS3 Move developed by Trine Games coming soon.

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Emilio_Estevez2493d ago

Looks ideal to play this with move. Don't know much about cricket though, so could be wrong.

THC CELL2492d ago

its a little like baseball i think but better.

gaden_malak2492d ago

Not really like baseball, only similarities are the use of a bat and a ball. Otherwise, it's played on an oval, 11 per side, a bowler, 2 batsmen, a keeper and 9 fielders on the field at one time.

Should be interesting though.

zeeshan2492d ago

MY God!!! A move cricket game!! Ai hope it rocks. Been waiting for something like this.

CricketGaming2492d ago

Codemasters, Quit! EA Quit! Now it seems only Indian companies are doing cricket games but I'm sure they will never be able to touch the quality of development of Codies and EA.