PS Vita games reduced in price at Gamestop

PSX-Sense writes "Gamestop suddenly reduced the prices of PS Vita games today."

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potedude2590d ago

If you paid full price for the games and then suddenly the price dropped you would be a bit pissed.

I wonder why the prices have dropped like that? Unless the website is full of crap.

Misterhbk2590d ago

You'll get your money back if you preordered and paid the full price. I for one will gladly take the 10 dollars back that I spent on Modnation racers.

solidt122590d ago

No one was charged. They don't charge you until the game is shipped and none of these are out yet in the US and Europe. Gamestop also has a disclaimer that the price might change since the final product is not available yet and has not had final pricing yet.

HungPHATx2590d ago

I wonder if This is to counter the cheaper PSN downloads over store bought ?

Haunter_2590d ago

It's probably the prices switching from placeholder to actual prices.

solidt122590d ago

That's exactly what it is. The Price has always been 39.99 Gamestop just didn't update until they got an official price list.

erivera19942590d ago

good, now drop the prices of the memory cards and i'll buy your system sony.

teedogg802590d ago

The price of a memory card won't keep me from getting this bad boy when it comes out.

MasterCornholio2589d ago

Yes I agree that the memory card is a poor excuse for not getting a Vita. People who can't afford a memory card and a Vita can't afford a Vita by itself so whats the point of bashing it?

Anyways if you don't want a Vita there's always the 3DS theres nothing wrong with you if you buy it.

Lol I sounded a bit like Reggie back there.


GraveLord2590d ago

All PS Vita games are supposed to be $39.99. How much was Gamestop asking for before?

falcon2622590d ago

They were listed @ 49.99 but those were place holder prices.

frelyler2590d ago

Right, just like the price on memory cards.

Ddouble2589d ago

Pricing for all software will range from $9.99-$49.99 (MSRP)

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