Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations New Promo Video (9 Minutes)

Check out the new video of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations now!

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BC2493d ago

This game shows a lot of promise, the cancelling is a cool and needed feature. I personally thought first one was better than the second.

Although I can abuse substitution anymore, since there's a substitution gauge it will probably make things more interesting.

Hopefully the only is good, and they'll patch the game if broken stuff exist.

RedDead2493d ago

3 min vid and 6 min vid put together is all

theonlylolking2493d ago

There sure is a lot of sasuke beating up in this video.

yna2493d ago

I'm looking forward to this game, storm 2 was good even though Sasori is the only broken character on-line I hope the fixed that also I'm glad Kimimaro is back.

KillaManiac2493d ago

Sage Naruto was plenty broken with his .01 sec rasengan.

yna2493d ago

Sage Naruto is ok in my opinion even though I don't use him, my main characters are sasuke, itachi and minato I always use sasuke if I have to play against any naruto player. Sasori players in the other hand usually spam more than Deidara players and the only thing they do is block your attacks for the rest of the match :/

BC2493d ago

Itachi in awakening mode kinda sucks to fight against.

yna2493d ago

I agree, itachi's awakening is overpowered however if your chakra bar is more tha 50% filled you can use substitution and avoid amaterasu and the spamming combos that itachis throws while using susanoo, or don't let them use the awakening in the first place