Diehard GameFAN: The Old Republic – Flashing Points of Light

DHGF: While the big emphasis in Star Wars: The Old Republic has been on story, where you can really see it shine with a group is in a series of repeatable quests that are much easier and a lot more fun to do in groups of four, called Flashpoints. While they are action heavy, there are some great dialogue options available in them, especially the first one on the Republic side, The Esseles. The idea is, once you’re done on your starter world you end up at the Republic Fleet looking for transport to Coruscant, which is the next planet in the chain before you can really branch off and do your own thing. They give you two options, the easy way, which is a quick shuttle ride for no experience in cramped quarters. Or you could take the more luxurious ride on board a Republic ship, The Esseles, which is the Flashpoint in question.

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