PlayStation Vita Sees Lower Software Attach Rate at Retail

Andriasang: Media Create reports today that PlayStation Vita's twenty launch titles combined for 300,000 unit sales in the system's first week of release (covering, in Vita's case, just the 17th and 18th).

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Chaostar2493d ago

I don't get how attach rates can be lower than 1 at launch. Did people seriously but it with no games?

ZombieAssassin2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Remember all games release digitally too, doubt there is anyway to track those sales unless Sony or the publishers release the data.

NewMonday2492d ago

going all digital myself, its a super saver

Micro_Sony2492d ago

@newmonday - what about when you get sick of the game and want to trade or sell it?

Or what if you cousin calls you to borrow one of your DL games?

MAiKU2492d ago

And with that said, a year or so ago there was an incident where sony finally just stopped releasing figures or something to that effect with NPD.

Remember the days of inaccurate VGchartz?

ScubbaSteve2492d ago


That would be every day iirc.

Kalowest2492d ago

That's like buying a prostitute and no condom, wheres the fun.

fei-hung2492d ago

Don't forget digital sales, especially since they are 40% cheaper than buying at retail. It is almost like buying 2 for the price of one in comparison to a retail purchase!

As an example, if I just spent £270 on a Vita (£230 on a Vita and another £30 on a memory card and £10 on a case), I can either spend:

1) £70 in retail buying Uncharted and Modnation or
2) £42 on the PSN store for Uncharted and Modnation

It would only make sense to buy it digitally unless money wasn't an issue.

Another thing to note would be Playstation Mini's, psx and PSN games people already have. I can buy no games and have a ton of games imported from my PSN account that I got for free thanks to PS+.

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GribbleGrunger2493d ago

Jesus H Christ! next up: the Vita is too shiny

Bundi2493d ago

They shouldn't report news because you don't like it??
Thats less than 1 game per system sold, granted digital sales aren't counted in this case and will probably account to half the total sales or more considering their attractive pricing but as it stands these numbers aren't term encouraging.
Let's not forget that SONY make the bulk of their profit off of software when it comes to gaming.

PSPEE2492d ago Show
tiffac0082492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

And you feed them by acting like a Sony hater. That doesn't help the situation either!

Help the situation by not escalating things.

PshycoNinja2492d ago

I am sure a lot of the people that bought the Vita are probably buying their games digitally with the exception of importers.

Sony said digital downloads have exceeded their expectations so digital downloads are probably taking off better than we can think. I know of three games I am buying at launch for my PSV but I am not buying any hard copies. I am buying them all digital. Does that mean my sale doesn't count in the software charts? They probably wont show up on the software charts but I know that I have bought games for it and that's all that matters.

Xof2492d ago

Why would that be the exception? Digital downloads are cheaper than retail--and WAY cheaper for importers.

--Onilink--2492d ago

in the long run it is, but at the time of the purchase you also need to include the price of the memory card, so depending on the size of card some people could be spending over $350 and just have 1 game, so its understandable that the attach rate at 1st might not be so big, not everyone can spend $400+ dollars at lunch

Xof2492d ago

The price of the memory card shouldn't be attached to software value, it should be added on to hardware value. Whether you import or not, you really NEED to buy a memory card for the Vita. If you can't play music, movies, view images, play PS1 or PSP games... you're barely using any of the functionality.

Fatal Blow2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Bad news guys for us eu uk people gravity rush psn only. Looks like i will have to import it hopefully from america that's if they have a hardcopy

Optical_Matrix2492d ago

I don't understand that though. Granted, it'll be cheaper, but why can't they just do a hard copy like they have in Japan?

gameman2492d ago

Well here we go with the doom articles the system barely a week old give it more time to see the results for God sake

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