Are Video Games Too Easy?

A brief stint with Dark Souls was a refreshing experience in a day where gamers are coddled by developers. Why can't there be more involved interaction and punishing gameplay in today's titles? Is there a limit to where difficulty becomes unacceptable?

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TopDudeMan2544d ago

No, they have different difficulty settings. I tend to play games on the harder difficulties because on normal, sometimes they are too easy. That doesn't mean video games are too easy.

Dark souls/demon's souls are supposed to be hard. That's the lure. They are for people with extreme patience and there's a good reason not every game is like that.

Baka-akaB2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

difficulty settings arent always the answer . 99% of the time it just means more hp and def for the ennemies , less hp and damage for you , 2x more spawning . It's an artificial and inneffective wall , as the needed techniques and actisions dont really changes

Or in the most mediocre fps , just add unlikely aiming or rather homing skills .

Wich is why games like Dark souls would be the very few catering to some players' needs . Studios needs to actually add difficult with design and creativity , not just amping up some stats sliders

Tanir2543d ago

exactly baka, i hate when people just say up the difficulty, crappy easy ai makes a game too easy. the only legit difficulty setting raise is DMC games and ninja gaiden, enemies get smarter, in ninja gaiden you even fight completely new enemies.

i hate the god of war type difficulty setting where they just have tons more hp and 1 hit you.

Dark souls isnt only hard because of the enemies but the AI and the enviorments/situations your put into

games that are too easy like arkham city and well honestlyy most games this gen just bore me to pieces.

Ekmez2543d ago

I feel you, and i'm not talking about an upping of difficulty level. I'm talking about the dynamics of challenge within a game. Not less HP, not more redundant enemies, but something that is more demanding of players rather then the endless trial and death loop. And thats why I agree with Tanir about how Ninja Gaiden handles difficulty. It demands that the player is in tune with the control scheme and the mechanics of the game.

Kyosuke_Sanada2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Being raised in a generation where I didn't have to switch settings to have a challenge...difficulty has taken a serious hit....

Son_Lee2543d ago

As the narrative, characters, and other things have growing importance in video games, I feel like the difficulty is easily justified. Although, when a lot of current games are "hard", it's usually just full of cheap deaths and design flaws. THAT'S why Demon's/Dark Souls is revered; not just for its difficulty, but the fact that it punishes the player for making a mistake, not something the game did wrong.

Are games too easy? Hard to call. A lot of games are, and some aren't. Casual gamers are becoming hardcore and new gamers are being added everyday. The industry is changing. I will say what I don't like is the growing trend of short games. How many games would have been great if they were longer and more fleshed out? Looking at you, Homefront.

Anyway, I digress. Basically, game difficulty is fine with me; I take issue with the length most of the time.