Half-Life Link To Team Fortress 2's Australian Christmas Found

NowGamer: Valve appears to be hinting at something with the latest Team Fortress content - but is it Half-Life 3?

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fastrez2519d ago

Please let this be true.

TimmyShire2519d ago

Yay more Half-Life 3 rumours! It's all very well and good, but I don't see Valve revealing HL3 in 2011.

Feckles2519d ago

"Here's Half-Life 3, Merry Christmas, love Valve."


jimmins2519d ago

Has to be a new ARG doesn't it? Too many rumours about for nothing to be going on.

Lucreto2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

People are looking too much into it.

Everything said by Valve is disassembled, reassembled, x-rayed, CT scanned for anything to do with Half Life and are disappointed each time.

This time it is a stretch linking an Aurora Borealis which I see on TV to describe winter and the 'truemeaning.jpg' is the true meaning of Christmas.