Did Final Fantasy XIII Tarnish Final Fantasy XIII-2's Sales Figures?

First week sales figures for Final Fantasy XIII-2 are now in and the game sold an amazing 525,271 copies. This is impressive but is nothing compared to the first week sales of its predecessor.

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stonecold32492d ago

i will get ffvs 13 once it get a released date im looking forward to ffvs 13 the most ff13xiii2 dosent intrest me enough to warrant a buy maybe a rental thats about it

iMaim2492d ago

I reckon FFXIV tarnished the Final Fantasy brand name as whole.

Cloudberry2492d ago

Somewhere between that (FFXIII), Monster Hunter 3G, and PS Vita debut.

Disccordia2491d ago

Very true. Plus many people didnt finish 13 so probably won't even look at the sequel

phantomexe2492d ago

I never trade in games but after getting only 60% of the tropys and beating it i couldn't take it anymore so i took it back to gamestop where they raw doged me. FF13 left a bad taste in my mouth i'll pass on ff13/2.

MariaHelFutura2491d ago

I didn't hate FF13 as much and some people, but I didn't love it. I'm going to wait for lots and lots of reviews and gamer feedback before I run out and buy it. But if they can fix the problems of FF13 properly, I might buy it at some point.

Wintersun6162491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Well based on what I've read here on N4G, yes it did. A lot of people simply refuse to buy FF13-2 because they didn't like FF13.

FF13 was a huge disappointment for me too but IMO it wasn't the piece of garbage some people say it is. I've kept my eyes open and am confident that this will be a lot better game than FF13 was. But I probably still won't buy this until the price comes down a bit.

Tanir2491d ago

exactly, just cuz it has the name, if its not a 10/10 that means its a 2/10. its either or with people this gen and its sad, the game isn't bad, just not a good FF game.

yet the same people will buy the same crappy COD every year

Outside_ofthe_Box2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Why should I settle for mediocrity. If a game isn't good then I don't buy it. Simple as that. I don't care if it's an 'okay' game. If it's not good then I won't buy.

The funny thing is I bought FF13 only because it was an FF game. People told me it was bad and that I wouldn't like it. I thought I would be able to ignore it's faults, but little did I know that FF13 was basically uncharted with RPG elements lol.

I'm not going to blindly fork over money to buy 13-2 just because SE promises to fix everything that the 'fans' complained about.

So far based off the 13-2 footage I've seen, none of the 2 things I disliked the most in 13 were shown to be fixed. The first being the linearity, which I can't accurately tell if it has been address because there have not been enough videos shown and the second being the battle system, which looks more or the same as 13.

So yeah, I do look at FF13-2 gameplay to see if there is enough justification to buy the game and currently I don't see any.

And I don't buy CoD. Like I said, I don't settle for mediocrity.

helghast1022491d ago

Sorry but, the community here is trash, I would never use it as the basis for anything

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The story is too old to be commented.